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How was your weekend? What did you eat and what did you knit? I’m hoping you had a relaxing time. I love 4 day weekends and we don’t get nearly enough of them here in the States. We had a whirlwind of travel (and made it a 5 day weekend – even better!)  First, we drove up to Chicago on Wednesday for the wedding of one of Web Guy’s friends. He and Sarah have been good buddies since early elementary school, so of course we wanted to be there for her wedding. What a special way to start the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (My photo of the happy couple is blurry, so instead you get a photo of Web Guy and Sarah!)

Then we drove over to my mother-in-law’s house in Clinton, Iowa, for a nice Thanksgiving dinner and a few days of rest and relaxation. Here she is with Web Guy and College Daughter:

And a photo of the kids with me and hubby.

This is the town where WH and I grew up, and one of the best things about Clinton, Iowa is Eagle Point Park. My house was about a block from here, and we rode our bikes through this park (and visited this stone tower in the park) just about every day in the summertime.

You get some great views of the Mississippi River from up there.

The other great thing about Clinton, Iowa is Rastrelli’s Sausage Pizza – nothing like it in the world. We have it every time we visit, but I didn’t get a photo of it. You just have to taste that sausage in person!

I did some knitting and revised my to-knit list (which happens all the time. How often do you revise your list?) We got back to St. Louis last night and suddenly the Fall decorations around my house seem hopelessly past their prime. Time to get the Christmas things up. But first, we’re working on ALLLLL of the orders you put in here at The Loopy Ewe over the long weekend, and then the new stuff we have for you in tonight’s update, including a new indie dyer! As always, we’ll have details on Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry tonight when the new things go up.

But what I really want to know is this – is your house decorated for the holidays, yet? Am I already behind for the season?

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  1. Just beginning to decorate for Christmas. Haven’t decorated for the past couple of years cause no family for visit. Kind of sad….but this year daughter and her hubby will be here with 8 month old son!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!! So we’re doing it up right with decorations, family dinner (son can’t make it, whimper), and lots of fun cause memories have to be in the making for Henry.
    Sound like you weren’t too far from me last weekend… you’re an Iowa girl too, eh?

  2. Not at all! While I did start my holiday baking today, my decorations aren’t going up until Thursday. I’m having one of my friends over and we’re making tons of cookies and decorating the whole house! :)

  3. I noticed today that I have a felted snowman and a felted Santa on one of my window sills leftover from last year. So I guess I’m set.

    On my return trip to Maine from Massachusetts yesterday I counted 21 Christmas trees headed south on the roofs of cars, plus two trailerloads of trees (from Canada, most likely). I can’t understand why anyone would put a tree up so early? We put ours up the weekend before Christmas and try to leave it up till Twelfth Night, though it often comes down sooner as the air is soooo dry and the needles are everywhere!

  4. We are decorated and ready to go! This is our first year in 20 something with an artificial tree. It is so nice to put it up early!

  5. Hi Sheri : )
    I can’t even think of getting a tree yet – but I’ve seen plenty of people all decorated and driving around with the trees strapped to their vehicles.
    So far, we still have up our ghost from halloween but our turkey is up too … Obviously we’re a little behind lol
    My knitting this weekend definitely was awesome – I did a mini sweater for my friend’s hubby, and I worked on another Christmas gift (in crochet) for a coworker. Looking to finish that one and make her mini sweater this week. Keep ya posted.
    : ) Thanks for sharing all those lovely pix! What a nice weekend : )

  6. Don’t know if it will happen this year. We are getting new windows and storm windows in every downstairs room and a new (pre-hung) back door means they will be ripping out all of the original woodwork for the back door (inside & outside). Still trying to get all furniture & belongings > 6 ft away from windows in all directions. It’s too cold & snowy to have anything outside while they are working. I will just be happy to regain my living space by Christmas.

  7. No decorating yet! Outside will probably happen between 10 and 19 December. Who knows on the inside! I hope to get our little inside tree up this year, but there is lots of clearing to do for it to have a place to sit!

    The only Christmas knitting I’m doing will hopefully be done and gifted this coming weekend!

    We ate well, and finished the leftovers (except the hambone for soup) last night!

    We’ll cook our own turkey some weekend soon!

  8. I always excuse putting up Christmas decorations later because my son’s birthday is the 7th. I remember reading about another family who also delayed it for the same reason and it struck me as a good idea. It wouldn’t work for my friend who is born on Christmas Eve, though. She got combined birthday/Christmas presents, wrapped in Christmas paper so often and hated it. I took all her advice on board for my son’s birthday, years ago.

  9. Clinton, Iowa~I’ve been there when I’ve ridden my bike on RAGBRAI! Great town!

    We are going away for Christmas and then for New Year’s so we decided no tree this year! I will have to get some of the other decorations up or else it wouldn’t feel right.

  10. My parents survived Christmas with six little kids + dog by putting up decorations the weekend before Christmas, but then the tree was left up until 12th night. I’m always a bit shocked by friends who use Thanksgiving weekend to put their tree/decorations up. Then I’m shocked again when they have everything down and put away immediately after Christmas.

  11. No decorating yet. I really enjoyed the photos you put up. Thank you for sharing with us. I have FOUR socks on needles – none of them match!! If I had more needles, I would probably start yet another sock with a different pattern.

  12. First, what’s the stone tower used for?

    Second, I’m so glad to see that you will be having Stricken Smitten yarns! I’ve purchased some of her yarns on Etsy and her website – it’s beautiful!



  13. I have an undecorated wreath hanging outside with a light on it-doesn’t qualify as decorating, I don’t think.
    I revise my knitting lists every day-or as often as I see something else I want to cast on for!

  14. I love the tower. I knit one cowl and am knitting another different one now. I ate something new this weekend (not a meal thing and nothing nutritional at all) M&M’s has a new premium M&M – Mint Thrills – they have a soft shell that is sort of pearlized green and they tast like (but beter than) Andes mint candies. I want to get some more to bake cookies with. They have a white chocolate mint center in the middle of dark chocolate. So far the only place I can find them is in Target. I don’t decorate much as it is just me and my “getting married next year adult son” at home now. I had decided a few years ago that I would rather DO holiday things & make memories (go to concerts, horse and carriage rides in a local town, etc) than decorate lots. I was keeping an Excel sheet for knitting projects and the order I wanted to work on them – but as I have bought new yarns or seen new patterns – that has gone by the wayside (but it was working for a while :-)

  15. When I was growing up my Mother did not put up any decorations until after her birthday which is the 14th. To me it seems odd to decorate before then and as it is just the two of us, I often do not decorate at all. Last year we bought an artificial tree and put it up even though we were not going to be home for the holidays and it helped to make the time we were home feel more like Christmas. Had to take it down when we got home though. I still have not decided about this year yet. I will never be like some people around here who had their trees up and decorated the week after Halloween.

  16. My husband and I grew up in Fulton, ILL. We were back for Thanksgiving. When I was growing up we always had a family reunion on Labor day at Eagle Point park. I did not go up the tower very often, heights and I do not get along well :-) Rastrelli’s Pizza is great, and you can get a pizza kit sent to your house via express mail.! And no sadly my house is not yet decorated for Christmas.

  17. No decorating yet….. Maybe after this weekend. Kind of thinking that you really could have added a swing through Cedar Falls this past weekend…… I mean you were already in the crazy traveling mode. What’s one more stop FPS???

  18. You were just downstream from me, where I live in La Crosse! Well, I guess you’re always downstream from me in St. Louis, right? But still, Iowa is much closer, since I’m just north of the Iowa border. Woot!

    As I drove yesterday, I reflected that everyone in the neighborhood seemed to have taken advantage of the relatively mild weather over the Thanksgiving weekend and put their decorations up.

    Except me. You’re not alone!

  19. We aren’t decorated yet, because we’re still painting the two rooms we are mostly holding our holiday party in! Trim left in one room and priming, painting and trim in the other!

  20. No decoration here, yet. We have our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday in order to accomodate the daughter’s in-laws on the “actual” Thanksgiving day. That makes it a lot less stressful for everyone. The down-side is that by the time we finish the clean-up from our dinner, we have no energy left for decorating. So, next weekend, I guess.

  21. I’m with Patricia – Christmas Eve and Day are the beginning of Christmas, not the end! I have an Advent wreath in the dining room, and my “Advent Star” (a pierced tin hanging star with a light inside) is lit in the window, where it will stay until 12th night.

  22. Decorating is done because it is my turn to have Christmas with my brothers. We will have it on the 13th!
    I have been busy knitting Christmas gifts, and going back over my “to do” list. I think my list is getting longer. LOL

  23. No decorating yet. I like to savor Thanksgiving. This weekend I’ll do a little dusting and then put up the tree. Somehow decorating is not my favorite part of the holiday. I’d rather bake or knit!

  24. OMG that’s me I made the blog!!! I feel so special. :) Thanks so much for being there; it meant a lot to our whole family. ALSO, I thought of you all this weekend–Philip and I went to Iowa for the very first time (for both of us). I can’t say I learned too much about it; all we saw was a casino and steak restaurant, but what we saw was fantastic. Thanks again for the mention!


  25. Family Tradtion= we always go on our Christmas Tree Adventure THanksgiving weekend; we get a real tree, go hand pick it, cut it and put it on the luggage rack. My daughter (age 26) informed us on the way to the tree farm that when she and her brother (23) are married their families will join us and we will all get our trees together :-) HMMM…I wonder if my future son-in-law and daughter-in-law are aware of this?!?!?!? Time will tell ;-) I have a few snowmen up also. I will be finished by this weekend. I love the Holidays: Thanksging>Christmas> New Years> My Birthday :-)-the later three all one week a part to the date!!! So the decorations don’t go down until after my birthday! Yes, thre Fraise Fur lasts that long with TLC. ALSO, the TARGET LADY is scary, but I laugh out loud everytime she goes down the recording card isle and composes her Chirstmass carol…LOL HAPPY CHRISTMAS KNITTING TO EVERYONE :-)

  26. The decorating starts in the morning. I just finished putting the furniture back in place after a very long renovation of the living room. I’m having a holiday party on the 6th, so the decorations need to go up quickly.

  27. Tree went up on November 17. If I don’t do it early, I’m fighting the tree at the last minute and end up overdoing things and getting sick. It is an artificial tree of course. I love it this year and it will be even better when my son is home from St Louis to enjoy it with me.
    I revise my want to knit list weekly I think!! When I finish something I definitely revise my priorities. My problem is I want to knit everything!!

  28. Yes, my house is decorated. I do it early so I can enjoy it longer. I love to have it done right after Thanksgiving. I’ve been blessed with a nice home and we like to have guests over to enjoy it. I used to be so busy with our children and working shifts at the hospital that some years I didn’t sit down and really enjoy the tree until AFTER Christmas. No more–I’m enjoying the moments I can. I’m not finishing much knitting–could it be the distracting internet stuff, like Loopy Ewe? I’m working on my first sock (red). My lace shawl is taking forever and that makes me sad as I have a couple of beautiful reds from Loopy I wanted to work on for Christmas!

  29. my weekend was great! I had pajama parties Thursday and Saturday…watched movies, ate comfort foods and knitted.

    My to knit list changes on a weekly basis. I constantly find new patterns to knit. Right now that’s going to have to change a while because I also buy yarns to knit the patterns and am out of space. (working at yarn shop and getting paid in yarn doesn’t help) Also going to buy an Ashford Traveller with my yarn shop/teaching earnings. I love this little wheel. I’ll still keep my Lendrum for a while.

  30. We’re all decorated. We put up two trees and dress the living room, family room, and dining room.

    We do everything in one day. Up in a day and hopefully down in a day.

  31. Decorations are partially up. We have the tree up not decorated yet. We have lights up outside. I am more than half way through my shopping, and everything is wrapped!!! All that’s left is decorate the tree and make cookies, pies, and cakes!

  32. There is one box of indoor decorations, and one box of outdoor decorations left to be dealt with. But that’s it! And cards have been mailed! Now to get on this shopping thing…and blocking the already-knit presents…and knitting about eight more.

    We may or may not “balance” the tree this year. Our five-year-old put up most of the ornaments. :-)

  33. Decorating? What’s that? I have too much knitting to finish! I barely had any decorations up last year. It will probably be the same this year. Don’t feel bad-there are a lot of holiday slackers out there (including me!) At least you’re thinking about decorating. It’s not even in my radar yet.

  34. Thanks for the nice little trip to Clinton, Sheri. I grew up not far from there and we went there to visit my great-aunt and uncle or do a little shopping. Or go to Eagle Point Park! Good times…

  35. No, not yet although I did hang a wreath on the door. Somehow I don’t like decorating for Christmas until it’s at least December, but then again, I leave everything up until Epiphany.

  36. Hopefully, we will decorate this weekend. But, we head out of town for Christmas every year and miss our decorations.

  37. My husband’s uncle had a diner in Clinton. When Uncle Earl died, we took our 6-month-old dd and drove from Lansing, MI to Clinton. At the visitation I stood her up holding on to my knees…after all, she had a padded diaper on, how hard could she fall? DD spied her grand-dad across the room and took her first steps walking to him.

    Today we are back in the Quad Cities, and that wonderful grand-dad will be celebrated at his memorial service. Circle of life, eh?

  38. My house is in transition….Halloween(my favorite holiday)Thanksgiving and Christmas. Working on taking down the left over withches and turkeys. By the weekend it will be all Christmas!

  39. December 1st is the day to decorate and turn on the lights. Anything before that is rushing the season. I don’t like to see Christmas decorations before Halloween!! Any time this week, throw the switch please!