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Resolutions, Knitting and Otherwise

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 in Shop News, WH's Photos

Since this Friday is our last Random Acts of Kindness post, I thought I’d do my 2011 Resolutions post today. There’s nothing quite like putting them out there in public for posterity. As usual, I have three categories – the Completely Do-Able (these are the most fun and it makes you feel good to check some off the list as accomplished), the Challenging (these are the good ones that make you work a little bit to accomplish them), and the Nearly Impossible (but hey, it could happen. Write it down and give it a try.)

First, here’s how I did on my 2010 Resolutions:

Completely Do-Able:
1. Buy more knitting bags. (Yes. I did.)
2. Significantly increase my stash in case of future economic woes. (Yes. I did.)

1. Increase the number of days a week that I exercise. (Hmm. Well I probably did that overall, but it’s nothing to write home about.)
2. Learn to cook with more vegetables. (Nope.)

Nearly Impossible:
1. Give up knitting. (I did not. That’s why it’s on the “impossible” list. Not that I had any intention of doing it in the first place …)
2. Learn to play the bagpipes. (I did not. Still safely on the impossible list.)

For 2011:

Completely Do-Able:
1. Continue to build my stash with wonderful, luscious yarn.
2. Frog the UFO’s that are no longer appealing to me.
3. Continue to avoid lima beans.

1. Catalog my yarn/pattern/knitting book stashes.
2. Make my Christmas 2011 knitting list in January, and jump into the knitting.
3. Schedule an appointment at Time for Dinner every month (my new favorite place.)

Nearly Impossible:
1.  Stop buying knitting books.
2.  Learn to read instruction manuals before trying something new.
3.  Become a Morning Person instead of a Night Person.

There you have it. We’ll see how I do. Do you have any do-able/challenging/nearly impossible resolutions to share about knitting or life?

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