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The Third Time is Not a Charm

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 in Loopy Challenges

When people say “the third time’s a charm!” in an irritatingly cheerful voice, don’t believe them. At least it didn’t work that way for me. I re-started my Hollygrove Scarf four times, and it looks like I have finally gotten it. But FPS. Really? I think this is the most times I’ve re-started something.

The first time - I mis-counted something in one of the early cable rows, and couldn’t tink or frog it back. (The Cascade Eco Alpaca is a little fuzzy, but it’s definitely tink-able if need be. Just not by me, that first time.)

The second time – I messed up the “cable without a needle” thing. I’m still not sure how. But what I did decide is that I like the version where you move the stitches first and then plow into the knitting/purling (versus the method I linked to last week that has you moving, then knitting, then moving again. I think that linked-to method is probably faster in the long run, but my way is easier, and still lets you whizz along without a cable needle.) I also took some colored pencils and colored in the different cable symbols on my chart last week. It made a huge difference in the speed of my knitting in those rows.

The third time – I had actually done two pattern repeats and couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look just right. (Note – this photo is the corrected version. Don’t get your glasses out, trying to figure out where I messed up on this one.) The first repeat didn’t look right, either, but in my state of eternal optimism, I figured that it “would all work out”. Then I figured it out.  The cable symbols said to “move 2 stitches to the front, knit two, then knit two from the cable needle” so that’s what I did. I’m literal like that. And I don’t knit charts often enough to be completely comfortable with the whole “this symbol means this if you’re knitting right to left, but it means the exact opposite if you’re knitting left to right, which you will be doing on every other row” thing. In this case, the pattern was happy to remind me that the knit and purl symbols were opposite, depending on which row you were on. But they forgot to tell me that the cables would also be done the opposite way on the back rows. So instead of knitting the stitches when they said to knit them, I needed to be purling the cable stitches, when working the left-to-right wrong side of the chart. And the repeat section only has the big cables on the wrong side of the chart, so I’m thinking a gentle reminder in the key would’ve been helpful. You can imagine how lovely (and glaringly obvious) that mistake was in the knitted fabric, as I went along. Still not sure why I thought it would all work out, but eventually I realized that it would not, and frogged it again.

The fourth time – things are going swimmingly. I think I’ve got it. I love working on it, now that it’s going the way it’s supposed to. Carrying on.

How is your Cable Challenge project coming along?

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