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Friday at The Loopy Ewe

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, January 28th, 2011 in Shop News

It’s always busy on Fridays. Although we’re open for drop-in shopping on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, this seems to be the busiest day. Last Friday I had to confront one of our shoplifters. We now have people check their big bags and backpacks at the front, so she solved that by sticking yarn in her jacket instead – and I saw her do it! I couldn’t believe it. I just don’t understand how people justify taking something that they didn’t pay for. She’s the same lady who took a bunch of yarn and my vintage knitting needles the last time she was in (no, I did not get them back), so we were prepared for her and watching her extra closely. FPS. Needless to say, she’s no longer welcome to shop here. Anyway, yay for the cameras in the shop. I know that you can pop in and view things through the webcam throughout the day, but did you ever wonder what the webcam looks like from our viewpoint? I stood behind the Loopy island to take this. That little white box in the photo – that’s your window into Loopy. And you can see the pole where we hang signs to talk to you.

Also going on today: Stocking another new line from Cascade, which will go up on Monday. (Don’t worry – we have more than that of each color. That’s just all the shelf space we could give to it right now.)

Knitting Daughter is home for a long weekend and came in to work for a couple of days. She wanted to earn a bit of money for next semester’s textbooks and I’m always happy to have her helping out at Loopy when she wants to.

The Elves are busy packing up orders, helping customers with projects and questions, and causing mayhem. Seriously. Some Fridays are just like that. How’s your Friday going?

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