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Laughing Alpacas and Loopy Groupies

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 11th, 2011 in Shop News

A friend visited an Alpaca Farm here in Missouri (obviously when the grass was still green and snow and ice were yet to come) and sent me this photo. She thought it looked like this guy was laughing, and I agree! ¬†Or at least he’s having a happy day.

We’ve had a busy week and I’m glad it’s Friday. Definitely time for the weekend! But first, I wanted to finish the second half of our Loopy Groupie list from last week. A big warm welcome to the following people, who have recently reached their Loopy Groupie status. We’re glad to have you here!

Rebecca in AK, Audrey in Australia, Elka in MO, Christine in RI, Deborah in NY, Liesbeth in New Zealand, Patricia in VA, Gayle in Australia, Cynthia in Canada, Kathleen in MI, Deborah in CA, Judy in CA, Rikako in Japan, Laura in MI, Nathalie in the U.K., Robbie in AK, Sandra in OR, Lourdes in CA, Michele in OH, Susan in NC, Sarah in IL, Eleen in TX, Suzanne in TX, Jackie in NY, Marie in LA, Avery in NC, Jennifer in IA, Karen in FL, Laurel in NY, Jenn in PA, Jeanie in MI, Tina in KS, Cary in AK, Lynn in FL, Kristi in Canada, Carrie in TX, Lois in GA, Kathy in MI, Karen in PA, Dianne in ME, Abigail in IN, Kandice in CA, Tamara in LA, Yamamoto in Japan, Tracey in OH, Char in WI, Ginny in GA, Margaret in MN, Joel in WI, Gillian in MA, Emily in SC, Cheryl in MO, Heather in AL, Em in South Africa, Mary in OH, Renee in TX, Sumiko in IL, Reecca in NY, Katherine in Canada, Karen in WA, Katherine in MN, Beverly in CA, Judy in NY, Jennifer in NC, Patricia in Canada, Cecilia in NY, Carolyn in OR, Karin in GA, Lugene in CA, Maureen in AL, Kimberly in PA, Pernille in IL, Marie in LA, Diane in FL, Barbara in MA, Catherine in CT, Carol in OR, Michelle in NH, Susan in OH< Beth in MN, Judi in MD, Jill in WI, Rachel in NV, Marie in MN, Lieuvena in MO, Vicki in IA, Deborah in WV, Beverlee in KS, Darlene in ME, Elizabeth in VA, Joan in IL, Val in Canada, Janine, MI, Debbie in IL, Jenn in Canada, Sue in WI, Roxanne in NE, Joyce in CT, Barbara in MI, Lyndy in GA, Maryjo in CA, Nini in MO, Bailie in VA, Lauren in FL, Barb in VA, Michelle in NJ, Sarah in CA, Marcia in VA, Mary in NE, Catherine in MO, Lynna in CA, Heather in MD, Melissa in MI, Loraine in NY, Amy in OR, Davida iN NY, Donna in ME, Stacia in ID, Amy in CA, Danielle in NV, Margie in OH, Jennifer in DE, Patricia in MI, Tiffany in VT, Dawn in NC, Colleen in IL, Kerstin in Sweden, Karyn in NY, Kathleen in PA, Sherry in TX, Colleen in WA, Rachel in OH, Jessica in NE, Kristi in MO, Kathy in MO, Lisa in Australia, Cathy in PA, Christina in MI, Kelly in WI, Elinor in KS, Marina in NY, Karen in KY, Susan in MA, Sarah in CO, Sarah in MD, Joanne in Canada, Jean in MD, Mary in AK, Elaine in the U.K., Rhonda in KS, Nicole in the military, Sandra in CA, Catherine in Australia, Miwa in NY, Mandy in MO, Pat in VA, Linda in Canada, Megan in IN, Veta in WA, Sheila in MD, Amber in VA, Robbin in MO, Jeannie-Maree in Australia, Janet in MN, Luanne in FL, Jennifer in KY, Dawn in MI, Diane in CA, Nancy in TX, Sherilyn in MA, Kara in CA, Sheryl in MT, Heather in IL, Liz in CA, Bunny in NY, Jennifer in IN, Sandy in ID, Sarah in NY, Melissa in NY, Nancy in AL, Kim in OR, Teresa in MO, Susan in IL, Milly in WA, Chris in IA, Marybeth in KS, Caroline in FL, Michelle in OH, Christine in New Zealand, Allison in PA, Wendy in CA, Ann in NJ, Kristine in UT, Annette in PA, Denise in MI, Laura in MO, Jamie in MI, Hollis in NY, Kate in CT, Rachel in WA, Hyun-Jumg in CA, Shana in IN, Kate in IL, Diane in IL, Debi in Canada, Elizabeth in UT, Vanessa in MN, Cheryl in WI, Elizabeth in NH, Jean in MA, Kelly in NV, Erin in TX, Heather in TX, Agata in MN, Heather in OH, Beverly in SC, Karen in OH, Amanda in WA, Carla in MT, Bobby in TX, and Michelle in TX.

This is what I see when I look out my window at home – birds, birds, and more birds – at the birdfeeders and on the windowsills. They know a good thing when they find it. What are you seeing outside your window today?

Sheri ormaybethebirdsarewatchingmeknit?

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