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Bad Hair Day

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 25th, 2011 in Uncategorized

We dashed up to Indiana two weekends ago to surprise College Daughter for her birthday. While we were driving down the main street of Upland (it goes on and on and on… for two blocks…), we saw this snowman having a bad hair day. I can so relate, some days. ┬áNot that my hair ever stands straight up like that. But did I tell you about the time (in 4th grade) when Web Guy had to write a “Top Ten Things You Love About Your Mom” list for Mother’s Day? Number 4 was: “I think you’re really pretty except in the mornings when your hair looks like a pulled apart bush.” He pretty much nailed that description. Actually, that was my favorite thing on the list and the original note is now in the scrapbook, preserved for posterity. But I’m thinking that this snowman really has the pulled-apart-bush look mastered, don’t you think?

Your Cat and Dog comments cracked me up on Wednesday’s blog! Did you all read some of those? Like Diane’s cat who walked off the end of the dresser while bird watching? And Cathy’s doxie Gretel, who felt threatened by a rock on an evening walk? Or Sue’s cat Max, who was scared of dust bunnies? So many funny stories! It makes me feel better to hear that Gracie isn’t the only dim (much loved) bulb out there.

Lots going on this weekend – I’ll fill you in on Monday. I’ll also be working on my Ultra Pima sweater (almost done with the back) and I’m thinking of starting 28′s Cousin 53 in DC Smooshy with Cashmere. I picked a lovely color, and then the Elves pointed out that I rarely wear what I knit. (Socks, yes. Shawls and scarves? No.) I realized that it’s because I tend to knit colors that I love, but that don’t always “go” with things I wear. So this time, I picked Basalt, because I wear a lot of black and it will go perfectly. What about you? Do you tend to pick colors you want to knit or colors you’re most likely to wear?

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