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SpillyJane Kits

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 in Finished Projects

We’ve been kitting these up and sending them out the door for a few weeks now, so I’m looking forward to seeing some finished mittens and socks pretty soon. I love Jane’s patterns, and we’ve carried them here at The Loopy Ewe for a couple of years now. With our Loopy Ewe Solid Series line, it just seemed natural to come up with kits for the patterns. (And a big thanks to Jane for working with us on them.) We sent a kit out to one of our Loopy Test Knitters – the amazing Jettshin on Ravelry. Take a look at her Projects page. Wow! We had her do up a pair of the Cupcake Mittens, to make sure that we had allowed plenty of yardage in the kits. (There was plenty of yarn that she sent back with the finished mittens, so the answer is yes.) In fact she knit two pairs – the first came out a little small, using size 1 needles. The second pair (shown here) came out perfect with size 3 needles. Be careful to check your gauge when you work on these kits. With colorwork, sometimes you’ll want to go up a size or two.

We have these kits for several of Jane’s most popular socks and mittens, so check them out and jump into some colorwork. (Warning – it’s kind of addictive.) Elf Lori has been doing most of the “kitting up” and we like keeping her busy at the winder. She’s a pro at this. :-)

Sheri whowillbemakingthegnomemittensoneofthesedays

Malabrigo, Hazel Knits, and More

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 28th, 2011 in Shop News, WH's Photos

What a crazy winter we’ve had around here. On Saturday, our area had a 6″ snowfall. I don’t ever remember getting so much snow in one winter season, much less this late in the season. On Saturday, we had …

… snow on the Hyacinths …

… snow on the Bradford Pear Trees …

… and snow all the way up and down the street.

By Sunday afternoon, it was all gone and the green grass and blooming flowers were once again sharing their color and beauty. Crazy. I’m a big fan of snow and cold, but once the flowers start blooming, I’m done with winter. (Apparently not.)

We put up more fun things on the website today, and I know you’ll enjoy them! We have:

- a big order from Malabrigo, which brought Worsted and Sock weights, plus a few more Rios (shown here in Zarzamora) and Lace colors.

- We added in a great batch of String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock. (These are still one of my very favorite pairs of socks. And I knit the second which, as you know, is very unusual for me. I just love that yarn and wanted to wear both socks, not just display one here at Loopy.)

- We have the March Color Cruise coloway from Fiesta in both Boomerang and Baby Boom (shown here – called Barcelona). We’ve also re-stocked a big batch of Fiesta Boomerang as well. (This was one of my very favorite scarves. I gifted that one to a friend. I’m almost done with another. Pick two colors of Boomerang and jump in!)

- We added in gorgeous colors of Superwash Sock from Josette in Maine and her Enchanted Knoll Farm line. (I’m using Whale Song for some socks.)

- We have more Hazel Knits, finally! I know you love Wendee’s yarn base and colorways – we do, too. It’s fun to have it in stock again. (Shown here in Ice Cream Sundae. Yum.)

Enjoy the perusing and shopping, and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped out tomorrow and Wednesday. You want them by this coming weekend, right? (We’re still working on teleporting the international orders. Two day shipping to any location around the world. We can get that going, right? We’ll keep working on that. In the meantime, we’ll use the good ol’ USPS.)

Sheri withacoldoffice.Mightneedtoturntheheatbackon.

Your Best Work Ever?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, March 25th, 2011 in Finished Projects

What project would you talk about, if someone asked to see (or hear about) your best knitting project? We’ve talked about knitting for relaxation vs. knitting for a challenge before. I think all of us agreed that we have some projects that would fit into each category. There are times when we don’t want to have to think about what we’re knitting, and other times when we welcome the challenge. But what do you consider your best work ever?

I think my most intricate looking project was my Girasole that I did almost two years ago. However, if you have knit one up yourself, you know that it’s surprisingly easy to knit. My most difficult project is still in progress – my Summer Sliding socks by Jeannie Cartmel. Not because the pattern is all that difficult, but because it’s one big massive chart and I’m not a big massive chart reader. Sloooow going, but I do like the looks of the finished socks. I’d need to wear them with a skirt so that everyone could see the intricacies. (No. I really wouldn’t do that. I’d just pull up my pant leg and make sure everyone appreciated them as I went through my day.) But did I mention it’s a big massive chart? And I’m not a big massive chart reader?

Loopy Elf Sue shared a link with me this week that made me think about this topic. I hope I’m still making beautiful things when I’m 87. Read about this man who has knit up some really incredible lace creations.

So what project would you consider your best work ever? Tell us about it, or leave a link to a blog or Ravelry photo, if you’d like. I think I’m going to go back and pull out my Summer Sliding socks again. Mr. Gene Beugler is inspiring.

Sheri hopingyouallhaveagreatweekend

What would you do …

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 in Contest

…. with an afternoon off? I think I’d get myself a cup of coffee and sit out on my back porch with a good book or a good knitting project, enjoying the spring air. This is the ideal time to live in St. Louis. Early Spring and late Fall are wonderful! Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall? Not so much. Unless you love heat and humidity. I don’t. So afternoons like this one need to be used for something fun, outside.

Thanks to those of you who posted about your ideal vacation destination last week. I wish I could afford to pick someone and send them to their spot! (Wouldn’t that be fun??) Instead, I’m going to be sending these two winners some lovely Wollmeise. Congratulations to Michele in Maine (who used to want to go to Paris, but wants a trip to Hawaii after this crazy cold winter) and Joline in Edmonton, Canada (who would love to go see an old friend in Ireland, who has certainly been through a lot).

For those of you working on the First Quarter Challenge, remember that your photos are due in to our photo gallery by 4/4. (If you have entered photos and they have not been approved, it’s because there was no yarn information given. Please be sure to include that information when you upload the photo, and be sure that it’s yarn available at The Loopy Ewe.) I love seeing so many of you cabling and look forward to the rest of the photos coming in. We’ll talk about the new Second Quarter Challenge next week.

Sheri stillfinalizingwhatthatChallengewillbe.Thoughts?

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