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Lorna’s Laces Tour

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 in WH's Photos

I mentioned on Monday’s post that WH and I snuck up to Chicago for a quick weekend, last weekend. (Birthday fun!) On Saturday, we stopped by Lorna’s Laces for a tour and then lunch with Beth and her husband, Michael. What a fun place to see! It looks like an explosion of color in there. There was a knitting group just finishing up a tour, so Paul wandered around and took photos (as he likes to do) and I kept seeing yarn that I wanted to take home. (Never mind that it was all colorways that I already have here at Loopy. Seeing it there put me in shopping mode. I can’t explain it, but I know that you all understand this.)

They have lots and lots of name stamps on trays, so we found our Loopy Ewe stamp (for our Loopy Ewe colorway) and our Team Spirit stamp. And obviously I need to order more of both lines, today. Smart way to put names on your labels, if you intend to sell lots of that colorway. We also found some of our yarn hanging up to dry, so I know we’ll be seeing that shipped down here soon. I think we have shipments coming from Lorna’s Laces almost every week. (Because we love it and you all love it.)

I really enjoyed watching Beth dye some special yarn. She had me pick the colors that I wanted to include, and it was really interesting watching them come together. Of course I had to leave it there for now. It still had to go through the “setting the colors, washing, drying, skeining” process, but I’m anxious to see it when it’s all done. I’ll show it to you when I can.

And another thing? It convinced me (not that I have ever considered it anyway) that I am happy to leave the dyeing to the dyers. I have no interest in trying my hand at it. I DO love ordering it and unpacking it and putting photos of it up on the website and knitting with it and shipping it out to all of you. But I don’t want to make it. I just want to appreciate it. I guess Beth is in the best job for her (she loves her job!) and I’m in the best job for me. And that’s why it all works like it’s supposed to. :-)

Sheri whoshould’vetakenapictureofBethandMichaelforyouFPS

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