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World Events … and Bugga

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 21st, 2011 in Shop News

I need to find a new radio station. It’s so sad to wake up to the news, because the news of the day is not encouraging. I can’t get the situation with Japan out of my mind. We have so many sweet Loopy Groupies in Japan and I’m worried for them. And this morning the news was full of Libya. It’s hard to write peppy blog posts, when things are going on all around us that have such an impact on everyone. I don’t want to ignore what’s going on, but then again, I know you don’t come to this blog to get information on Japan and Libya. So I’ll continue to do the things I can in my own way to help the people in Japan, and I’ll keep the focus of this blog on yarn and fiber and color. In the meantime, did you see that Wendy has written a beautiful new shawl pattern called “Japanese Garden“? From now through the end of April, ALL proceeds from the pattern sales will be donated to the Red Cross for disaster relief efforts. I think it’s wonderful that she is doing that. I bought my copy this afternoon and am picking out some beautiful Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga to use with it. (Photos used with permission.)

Speaking of which, we have a lot of things up on the website for you today. (I promised you last week that we’d have plenty of fun, since we took last Monday off from updating. And if you checked out the Loopy Webcam today, you can see that we’re collecting more yarn and boxes for next week already.) We’ve just added in:

- The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga- including new colors. (Shown here in Archy and Mehitabel).
– Lorna’s Laces Worsted – in many new colors for us, as well as the new Spring Colors, and the ever-popular Zombie BBQ. We also have Zombie in the Honor base, which many of you are loving in this month’s Club Loopy.
– Dragonfly Fibers Merino Silk Roving – Kate’s beautiful roving makes me want to pull my wheel out and spin.
- Speaking of wheels – we have more Schacht Ladybugs available and ready for shipping.
- Kollage’s My Kind of Saturday Cowl is back in stock, for those who have been waiting on it since I blogged the one I made. Two of the sold out colors of Riveting are now back. We still have a bit on backorder.
- Knit Girl in Idaho has done more 2 and 4 piece stitchmarker sets for us. Cute as ever. I have lots of pretty stitchmarkers, but these are the ones I continually grab for when I need to use some. You’ll find these in The Loopy Ewe Accessories section.
- Della Q – new fabrics and styles of needle and project bags. My favorite is her Travel Case.
-  Blackthorn DPN’s – Made from the same material as the skin of stealth jets, these carbon fiber needles have the feel of wood with the strength of steel.
- The Loopy Ewe Color Cards – Now that we have all of the pre-orders taken care of, we have built up some stock again and are able to offer them on the website. We’ll keep working on them, so if they go out of stock eventually, it’s just temporary. These cards have samples of all 90 colors in our Solid Series. If you like being able to see how Ginger is different from Sienna and how Oyster compares to Dove, then color cards with actual yarn samples is definitely the way to go.
- Ysolda Teague’s Whimsical Little Knits Bk 2 is back in stock. We also have a new pattern book from Universal Yarn, called Summer Supreme. Great for pairing with their popular Cotton Supreme line.

See you on Wednesday. We’ll have Contest Winners to announce!

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