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What would you do …

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 in Contest

…. with an afternoon off? I think I’d get myself a cup of coffee and sit out on my back porch with a good book or a good knitting project, enjoying the spring air. This is the ideal time to live in St. Louis. Early Spring and late Fall are wonderful! Late Spring, Summer, and early Fall? Not so much. Unless you love heat and humidity. I don’t. So afternoons like this one need to be used for something fun, outside.

Thanks to those of you who posted about your ideal vacation destination last week. I wish I could afford to pick someone and send them to their spot! (Wouldn’t that be fun??) Instead, I’m going to be sending these two winners some lovely Wollmeise. Congratulations to Michele in Maine (who used to want to go to Paris, but wants a trip to Hawaii after this crazy cold winter) and Joline in Edmonton, Canada (who would love to go see an old friend in Ireland, who has certainly been through a lot).

For those of you working on the First Quarter Challenge, remember that your photos are due in to our photo gallery by 4/4. (If you have entered photos and they have not been approved, it’s because there was no yarn information given. Please be sure to include that information when you upload the photo, and be sure that it’s yarn available at The Loopy Ewe.) I love seeing so many of you cabling and look forward to the rest of the photos coming in. We’ll talk about the new Second Quarter Challenge next week.

Sheri stillfinalizingwhatthatChallengewillbe.Thoughts?

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