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Malabrigo, Hazel Knits, and More

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 28th, 2011 in Shop News, WH's Photos

What a crazy winter we’ve had around here. On Saturday, our area had a 6″ snowfall. I don’t ever remember getting so much snow in one winter season, much less this late in the season. On Saturday, we had …

… snow on the Hyacinths …

… snow on the Bradford Pear Trees …

… and snow all the way up and down the street.

By Sunday afternoon, it was all gone and the green grass and blooming flowers were once again sharing their color and beauty. Crazy. I’m a big fan of snow and cold, but once the flowers start blooming, I’m done with winter. (Apparently not.)

We put up more fun things on the website today, and I know you’ll enjoy them! We have:

- a big order from Malabrigo, which brought Worsted and Sock weights, plus a few more Rios (shown here in Zarzamora) and Lace colors.

- We added in a great batch of String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock. (These are still one of my very favorite pairs of socks. And I knit the second which, as you know, is very unusual for me. I just love that yarn and wanted to wear both socks, not just display one here at Loopy.)

- We have the March Color Cruise coloway from Fiesta in both Boomerang and Baby Boom (shown here – called Barcelona). We’ve also re-stocked a big batch of Fiesta Boomerang as well. (This was one of my very favorite scarves. I gifted that one to a friend. I’m almost done with another. Pick two colors of Boomerang and jump in!)

- We added in gorgeous colors of Superwash Sock from Josette in Maine and her Enchanted Knoll Farm line. (I’m using Whale Song for some socks.)

- We have more Hazel Knits, finally! I know you love Wendee’s yarn base and colorways – we do, too. It’s fun to have it in stock again. (Shown here in Ice Cream Sundae. Yum.)

Enjoy the perusing and shopping, and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped out tomorrow and Wednesday. You want them by this coming weekend, right? (We’re still working on teleporting the international orders. Two day shipping to any location around the world. We can get that going, right? We’ll keep working on that. In the meantime, we’ll use the good ol’ USPS.)

Sheri withacoldoffice.Mightneedtoturntheheatbackon.

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