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Cowls and The Perfect Colors

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, April 1st, 2011 in Finished Projects

I still like knitting socks (which is where this whole love-of-knitting started), but lately I have been on a cowl kick. Cowls are typically quicker to knit up than socks. It’s nice to do something different once in awhile. This week, I finished a cowl (the Lava Flow Cowl, free on Ravelry) using our March Club Loopy Color. ┬áThere was plenty of yarn left over if I had wanted to knit it so that it looped double around my neck, which would also be cute. And the Lorna’s Laces Honor is wonderful to knit and have against your skin. Now I want to make Debbie’s mitts to go with it (pattern in the kit).

Did you know that Teal is one of the colors that everyone can wear? It’s considered both a “warm” and a “cool” color, making it perfect for everyone. The other colors are pink (not just any pink – kind of a Rose Pink), Eggplant (which falls into the middle of the color spectrum – not too warm, not too cool), and True Red (also in the middle of the color spectrum.) Check out this article, which shows these colors on people with different colorings. I think that makes our March (teal and red) Colorway, perfect for all.

Here’s another “did you know?” – did you know that teal and red are the two most difficult colors to get right, digitally? Just compare my two colors in this blog post. The first one is closer to correct, but looks a little bit over-bright and washed out. The second one is too green, but shows the pattern a bit more sharply. And check out Beth’s blog post (from Lorna’s Laces). She showed our kit photo (which shows the colors pretty true – in person, they match the Baggu bag very well) and also included a few of her photos (which show up greener and lighter). Interesting, isn’t it? I do prefer Beth’s photos for showing you just how soft and wonderful this Honor base yarn is. How can you not want to reach in and pick that skein up? I love teals and reds, but they sure are hard to photo correctly.

For those of you who emailed about seeing the inside of the Cupcake Mittens from Wednesday’s post, here’s a picture of one turned inside out. It looks good, doesn’t it? Not as pretty as the outside, but still very nicely done. I’m continuing to practice my colorwork skills. There are just too many great patterns out there that I’d like to do, that require colorwork. I need to get good at it. And just a reminder – I did not do the beautiful work on these mittens. That was down by our talented test knitter, Momo. I want my work to look like hers some day.

This weekend, I’m organizing a few closets and finishing up two projects (a shawl and a scarf). What are you doing?

Sheri whowentthroughherstashthisweek.Thatwasfun.

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