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When the To-Do List is Long

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 in Uncategorized, WH's Photos

You know there is to much on your To-Do List when you start looking at colors of yarn and make up coffee and tea names to go with it. Not that I need an extra dose of caffeine to get through my list or anything. WH took some extra photos of a few skeins of our Loopy Ewe Solid Series and it makes me think of coffee, tea and chocolate (clockwise, starting in the upper left corner):

- strong espresso
- peach tea on ice
- salted caramel hot chocolate
- mocha latte
- iced chai tea
- peppermint hot chocolate

(Ok, in real life they are called Coffee, Sand, Rose Brown, Mocha, Tan, and Sienna. We tried to stay with one or two word names for our Loopy line. But I could’ve really gone to town on names, if I didn’t think that “simple is often better” when naming a basic solids line.)

I might need to add a Tea and Coffee scarf pattern to my To-Do List. It would definitely remind me of Life in the Spring of 2011, which has been crazy nuts. ¬†Or I could whip up a scarf with a combination of some colors that are hot and some that are cold, because some days are in the 80′s and other days, it’s snowing. That seems to be the norm this spring, too. And I definitely need to make a scarf with a variety of blues. Not because I’m BLUE, mind you, but because I seem to be a bit addicted to a combination of Robin’s Egg Blue like the Loopy wall, and similar colors. What colors would you use if you were making a scarf to represent your own Life in the Spring of 2011?

Sheri workingonnewyarninfosignsforLoopyshelvestoday

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