Spring Fling – First Night

We’re having fun Flinging! Last night was our Dessert Reception and the opening of the Knitting Lounges. There were lots of caloric choices.

Including Chocolate cake. Mmmmmm.

Somehow Del got her own pie, hand-delivered by banquet manager John. I still didn’t get a straight story about how she did that, but she looks happy about it, doesn’t she?

My sweet friend Janice comes down from Iowa every year to help me with the Fling. Usually she’s on her best behavior, but clearly the desserts got to her last night as she tried to make off with the bowl of whipped cream …

There was much knitting going on.

And then I brought the Fling teachers to Loopy to shop, since they will be teaching classes all day today and tomorrow during the regular shopping trips. (L-R: Kirsten Kapur, Laura Nelkin, Anne Hanson and JC Briar.)

Wishing all of you were here with us this weekend.

Sheri happytoreportthatthesunisshiningtoday,too

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20 comments on “Spring Fling – First Night

  1. I have GOT to drive down and do this next year. I am so bummed. Your shop is only a minute away from some family of mine!!! I could almost WALK there. It looks like so much fun!

  2. What a fabulous weekend. Loved my classes- loved the loopy knitters- loved the elves and loved shopping. Thanks for everything. I’m still drooling from the chocolate cake.