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Needle and Pattern Storage

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 in Yarn Storage

I’ve done posts in the past on storing stash yarn (including serious posts and not-so-serious posts), and on what you can do with yarn bits ‘n bobs, but I haven’t done posts on storing needles or patterns, yet. Several months ago, I got tired of my basket of misc. circular needles and decided to get organized, once and for all. I picked up three of the Namaste Circular Needle Cases and stocked them with all of my circs. (Three, because it took three to fit all of them in.) I use the green one for the 8-16″ lengths. (Green for “growing”. I figured that would help me to remember it’s the littlest lengths of needles). I use the red one for 22-32″ lengths. (Red because it’s one of my favorite colors and I knew I’d be using that one most of all.)  I use the black one for 36-60″ lengths. (Black because we had more black cases in stock at the time!) I really like the way this has worked out. The cases are compact and easy to store, and it’s easy to grab one of them if I’m going on vacation and want to take some with me.

I haven’t organized my straights and DPN’s into one good system yet. I have several small organizers that I’ve picked up over the years, but the problem is, that leaves all of my needles in different places instead of into one system. (The other problem is, I happen to like all of the different little small organizers that I have. So maybe I’ll leave that alone for the time being.) I do have misc. straights and DPN’s in vases like this, both here at Loopy and at home. I like the way it looks, even though it’s not set up for quick and easy needle-finding. If you do this, be sure to cut a piece of felt to put in the bottom of the vase, to protect the points.

The other thing I don’t really have organized are my patterns. Who has some good tips for pattern organization? With many of my sock patterns, I’ve typed up the stitch pattern into a larger font (hello eyes that can’t read tiny print like they used to) and I store them inside the page protector for that pattern. I also keep several of my favorites written up on index cards. I like the ones that this etsy artist has. And I use Dropbox between my computer and iPad for the patterns that I have scanned and saved as pdf’s, so that I have some current patterns available there as well. But I don’t have any easy way to access ALL of my sock patterns or ALL of my shawl patterns, etc.

Do you have any needle or pattern storage tips that you can share?

Sheri whothinksbeingorganizedsavesmoretimeforactualknitting

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