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Two-Color Projects

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 in Finished Projects, Shop News

I have been so inspired by all of the Camp Loopy Projects that you have been completing. I have not done a lot of two-color knitting in the past, but seeing all of your photos makes me think I have really been missing out. I find myself looking at shawl patterns and wondering what it would look like if I did the edging in a new color, or striped the main part.  I’m figuring out that this camping experience is giving me a taste of something new each month, and then supplying me with a whole “knit list” to work on throughout the rest of the fall, winter and spring. My “I want to knit this” list has exploded. You, too?

One of the two-color patterns that I like to knit is the Chevron Scarf. This is a simple Feather and Fan type of stitch pattern, but instead of increasing by doing YO’s, you increase my doing M1′s. (YO’s will give you a lacy, open scarf, like this. M1′s keep the fabric denser – no holes.) Pick two colors that you like, and jump in. You’ll knit down and purl back in one color, then pattern down and purl back with the other color. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Easy! Here is a new one that I finished up a couple of weeks ago. I used two skeins of Fiesta Boomerang, in Cloud 9 and Clematis. (You can find a basic Feather and Fan pattern here and here. Just remember to do M1′s instead of the YO’s, use Color A for rows 1-2, Color B for rows 3-4, and add a couple of extra stitches at each end that you knit on all rows, to keep the edges from rolling.)

I’ve also made them in: Lorna’s Laces Sport, and another Fiesta Boomerang version. (And in that last link, you can see that the one I just finished – shown here in this post – was started waaaay back in December of 2008, FPS!  Oh, well. At least it’s done now.) Since this pattern does such a great job of making the colors look inter-mixed, you really can pick wildly different colors and end up with a gorgeous result. Picking out two colors to work together into one project is kind of addictive. Good thing I have a whole list of two-color projects that I want to work on in the near future!

Here at Loopy Central – we’re still buried by your Project Two orders. I heard a loud crash earlier today and went out to find Dima just about buried in boxes. (Dima is our summer intern. We typically hire one college student each summer for this position, and this summer it’s Knitting Daughter’s friend Dima. He likes to make up the video-sized boxes ahead of time and stack them against the wall. Now we know that when it gets to head level, it falls over ….)

For those of you waiting - waiting on your Project Two orders to be processed, waiting for your Project One photo to be approved and show up – just know that we’re working on it. The elves have been working extra hours (because they’re just great like that) and we’re getting things done as quickly as possible around here. I just counted and there are 147 more Project One Photos that you have uploaded since last Thursday night, waiting to be approved. I’m on it. Wait until you see some of these beauties!  Check the Project One Gallery again on Friday for the latest additions.

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