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Pamuya Shawl

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

For my Camp Loopy Project One, I chose to knit the Pamuya shawl. I had seen this on several Spring Flingers in April and it immediately went onto my “must make” list. Everyone I talked to about it told me that it was fun to knit because there were enough different things going on that you never got bored knitting it. They were right. It was fun to work on.

I originally planned to use Madelinetosh Merino Light in Celadon and Mansfield Garden Party (which I showed you together here).I However, after adding a couple of rows of Garden Party, I realized that it wasn’t going to work, so I substituted Shoreline instead. I’m kind of wishing I had just started over and added a different solid color to Mansfield, because it’s such a beautiful mix of colors. I guess I’ll save it for another one. Maybe Faraway So Close, which I ran across again the other day. They have a similar look to them, don’t you think? I did start in on my Cladonia with a red Bugga and a purple Lorna’s Laces Sport. So far, so good! That will be a fun project.

Don’t forget that all of your Project One knitting must be done by midnight on Friday, with photos uploaded to our Camp Loopy Project One Gallery by midnight (my time) on Sunday. (International knitters have until Sunday, 7/24 to upload photos, due to increase shipping times). Due to the high numbers of photos being uploaded for this project, it does take us a bit of time to approve them all. If you can see the photo in on your Loopy account page and if you uploaded it by midnight, don’t worry if it doesn’t show up for a few days after that. They appear in the order they were uploaded on our approval page, and I will be sure to note which ones were there by the deadline, even though we’ll still be working through all of them!

For those with questions on how to get your pictures into the gallery - after logging into your Loopy Ewe account, go to your account page and you’ll find a link to add photos there. Here is a note that I put up on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry, to answer some of the most often asked questions.

  • Don’t forget to tag the yarn that you have used for the project. When you upload the photo, you’re given a list of items that you’ve purchased in the last few months, to make it easier. If you purchased the yarn earlier than that, just leave the yarn name in your photo notes so that we know what you used.
  • We can only approve photos that use yarn that we have available at The Loopy Ewe (or that you purchased from us in the past, even if we no longer carry that line).
  • I’ve loved seeing different views of your projects (and your cute dogs and cats wrapped up in your shawls). However, we’re only approving one photo per project, since we will be doing random drawings and such. One photo per project keeps it fair to everyone.
  • We generally approve photos about once a week, although I’m doing them more often during Camp Loopy. If you get them uploaded by the deadline, we will make note of it, even if it doesn’t show up as approved right away. If you can SEE the photo in your account page, then you know it uploaded and is just pending approval.
  • Do feel free to upload them after the deadline so that we can see what you did, even if it wasn’t done in time! Of course the extra perks are contingent on getting it done by the deadlines. But either way, we still want to see your beautiful work.
  • If you have trouble uploading, it could be that your photo is too large. (They are limited to 3 MB). Or try a different browser.
  • FOR CAMP LOOPY PROJECT TWO: make sure that your photo shows the pair, not just one. Two socks, two mittens, or two gloves. We want to make sure that you completed both of them. (This coming from someone with Severe Second Sock Syndrome, so I’m only pointing the finger at myself. And that’s also why my Project Two will be mittens.)

Sheri seeingallofyourfinishedphotoshasbeenhazardoustomy”mustknit”list.

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