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Moving, New House, Contest Winners

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 in Around the House, Contest

Well I have to say, it’s good to be back to Loopy-ville after having two weeks off to move and unpack. (But it was good to have the two weeks off, too.) In the two weeks that we’ve been here, we’ve already had visitors. We’ve had my parents, WH’s mom and friend, my friend Meda, and our friends Steve and Janice and their kids pop in already.  The nice thing about people visiting you right away is that they don’t expect much in terms of how the house looks (or what meals you might want to make for them) so that worked out well. :-)  Plus, we’re very close to a place called “Serious Texas BBQ” and we have gotten good at trucking people up there for dinner when they visit.

I promised to show you my favorite part of this place and here it is: the back yard. We have an overabundance of evergreen trees, as well as common ground on one side and in the back. You can be out on the deck and not see another house. (If you had been to our St. Louis house, you know that we had people RIGHTTHERE on either side and in the back. So this is wonderful. I anticipate spending lots of time back there, once things settle down a bit.)

And a few of you wanted to know where the cats like to hang out in the new house. Here’s Gracie’s favorite place – sitting along the back of the couch, looking out the window into the back yard.  Then falling asleep for a long cat nap.

Zoe is also into cat naps and can be found anywhere there is sunshine. Like on our bed in the afternoon. Or sprawled out on the warm tile in the mornings, as the sun pours into the kitchen. This house has a lot more direct sunlight and both cats are enjoying that. They used to fight over the one little sliver of sunlight that made its way into one of our dining room windows for a few brief moments in St. Louis. Now the whole back of the house is bathed in sunlight in the mornings and they have several warm spots to choose from.

We also have a little front office that I have taken over. In addition to a desk with a computer (where I can do my Loopy stuff), I have my works-in-progress cabinet and a chair for knitting.

So that’s a few areas of the house that we’ve been enjoying during our first two weeks here. But enough about that. Let’s get onto Contest Winners! We have three winners from last week’s Blog Contest, where I asked you to share some favorite summer memories. Thanks for participating! And congratulations to the winners that the random number generator picked:  Agata from MN, Retha from CT, and Michele from Saskatoon, who each win a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate.

Now that all of the entries (751!) have been uploaded to the Project One photo gallery for Camp Loopy, pop over there and pick out some of your favorites. Aren’t they amazing? We’d like to award a Reader’s Choice Award, in addition to a couple of other awards that we’re going to do. Can you help us? Send your choice for your personal favorite to support @ and we’ll tally the votes and award prizes next week. Speaking of Photo Galleries, I’m working on the Project Two gallery. So far we’ve had 200 photos submitted and these mittens, socks and gloves are just gorgeous. Such happy colors! I’ll keep working on going through all of them to get them approved. I know you’d like to see them asap. I am just so proud of all of you who have been camping along with us this summer. You’ve inspired each other, and you’ve certainly inspired me. It has been a lot of fun! I hope you’re participating in Project Three with us. Remember, even if you have not done Project One or Two, you can still participate and join us in Project Three. Come along!

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