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Swan’s Island, Fiberphile, and more!

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Monday, August 8th, 2011 in Shop News

Would you like to know that I’ve been doing all day? Spending money, and bolstering the economy in my own little corner. Specifically, I’ve been ordering yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn, yarn. Plus bags and needles. (No, not yarn, bags and needles for my own self. Yarn, bags and needles for all of YOU! Although I do have a bad habit of making sure some of these things get moved into my own stash, when they arrive. Job hazard.) You all had so much fun ordering yarn for your Project Three Camp Loopy projects, that it left some bare spots on the shelves. No worries. We get yarn in just about every day. (For example, check out today’s webcam photo for the some of the 13+ cases of yarn that arrived today.) But I did have to order an extra large amount today, to fill up even more shelves.

Of course we do have fun stuff that we just put up for you today. We’ve added in:

Anniversary Celebration Yarn! Can you believe we’re celebrating our Fifth Anniversary this month? Sometimes it seems like it has been AGES longer than that, and sometimes it seems like we started The Loopy Ewe just a few months ago. In the past we have done kits to celebrate our anniversary, but we wanted to change things up this time. Instead of ONE yarn to commemorate the anniversary, we’re bringing in three special colorways – a new one each week for the rest of August. We asked three of our favorite dyers to do an exclusive for us. Since (as you know) we are moving The Loopy Ewe to Colorado this fall, we thought it would be fun to also celebrate our new state in the process. Our first colorway (available now) was done by The Sanguine Gryphon on the Bugga base and is called Colorado Hairstreak, because the Colorado state insect is the Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly. (And who better to do the state insect than the Bugga folks??) I hope you enjoy it! (EDIT: Wow – you all snapped that up FAST. If you didn’t get a skein and would like some, send us an email and we’ll save you a skein from the next batch. Sorry for the quick sellout.)

Swan’s Island - I had never heard of Swan’s Island blankets before (because, lovely as they are, they are waaay out of my price range for blankets. Although there sure are a lot of people who know about them. I think they were once one of Oprah’s favorite things. That tends to bring a bit of publicity.) But the minute I felt their new yarn line, I was on board to add it here at The Loopy Ewe. This organic merino is naturally dyed, organically processed (making it softer – less harsh chemical usage), and comes 525 yds. to a skein in the fingering weight, which is a great deal. I want a shawl out of it, and I want a pair of socks out of it. And then maybe something else, too! We still have a few colors that will trickle in, but most of them have arrived.

Lorna’s Laces - more colors in SoleMate (the temperature regulating yarn – so cool), and re-stocks in Shepherd Sock.

Fiberphile – the merino/cashmere/nylon base that we all love, in Georgia’s beautiful colors (shown here in Bluebird). I have two set aside to make a Batik shawl. (Actually, I set them aside out of the last order, and then got all carried away with Camp Loopy and those projects. But Camp Loopy is almost done, which means I can start knitting up the bazillion projects that I have in my queue now.)

Fleece Artist 2/6 - we put in several big orders at market in June at the Fleece Artist booth, and they are starting to arrive. This week it’s 2/6, and next week we’ll have Hand Maiden Swiss Silk for you.

Patterns – two Club Loopy patterns have been added to our Club Section. Now available: A Breath of Fresh Air Scarf and Frosted Fields Socks.

Pop on over and start stocking up for fall. And check in next week for our Fifth Anniversary Contest, which we’ll talk about on the blog!

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