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Yarn Shopping

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 in Uncategorized

I loved being back at Loopy and shopping for yarn last week. (I mean shopping for yarn for ME. Of course I have continued to do a lot of yarn shopping and ordering for all of YOU while I’ve been in Colorado.) As predicted, I picked up 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Solemate, 3 skeins of Madtosh Pashmina, 2 skeins of Madtosh Sport, and a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. You know all of those order notes you leave us that say, “Please pick a colorful skein” or “Please match these really well, I’m making a sweater”? I actually emailed the Elves with a couple of these requests (like the LL Solemate in our exclusive Colorado color, since I knew they’d sell out) and found myself adding the same thing to my notes. “Please pick me a good one!” Which is silly, because one thing the Elves ALWAYS do is pick out good skeins and match them very very carefully, whether you leave an order note or not. But I fell right into that trap and added a note. I know they rolled their eyes at me. They don’t roll their eyes at you, but they know that I know better. :-)

Here is the start of my sock out of Devon, that has completely derailed my Project Three work. (Pattern is Vog On). When the sock is done, I’ll be sure to take a photo that shows the striping going on in the plain knitting along the back of the sock. I love how it’s working out. (Remember, it’s hard to capture teal correctly. This makes it look a little more yellow than it is. The photo I showed on Monday’s blog is the correct color. And it’s also the reason that I pay someone else to take our official website photos and spend time color correcting them….) I haven’t knit a sock in forever. The last one I knit and blogged was back in February. I did make another one after that, however it’s still under cover and unbloggable. But it was right around the same time. No wonder I was in the mood to knit some socks.

There’s another reason that I have laid aside my Project Three. While I love the yarn and the way it’s working up, so does someone else. Every time I turn around, there’s Gracie, snoozing on it. I kept it in my project bag for awhile, but she would go to the bag and try to dig it out. She doesn’t do this with merino or cashmere. It’s always alpaca. She has a thing for alpaca. (Hmm – I wonder what she’d do if I introduced her to a real one?) The next time I want to make a blanket of any kind, I’ll turn away from the Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes, and will head for the Cascade 220. FPS. Given the fact that I’m having fun on the sock and I have a whole new stash of yarn to play with, Gracie can claim dibs on the afghan-in-the-making for a bit longer. I guess I could always make one for her, but that would make her even more spoiled, I think. If you have pets – have you ever knit for them?

Sheri Zoelikesblanketstoo,butshedoesn’tlimitherselftoalpaca

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