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Project Two Voting and Oreo Ice Cream

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, September 9th, 2011 in Sheri's Recipes

It’s time to vote for your favorites from our Project Two Photo Gallery! I have been so inspired by your projects and your photos. Camp Loopy’s Project Two was mittens, socks or gloves with cables incorporated into the design. As you can see, we had over 700 entries again for Project Two. Get yourself a cuppa coffee (or the beverage of your choice) and take a few minutes to wander through the gallery. Then send us an email ( and tell us which one is your favorite. We’ll be awarding a Loopy Gift Certificate to the Reader’s Choice (that’s from your voting!) as well as randomly picking some winners to receive gift certificates, too. Thanks for your help in picking one of the favorites.

For those working on Project Three: we’ve been working on the Project Three Gallery this week as well. I knew you all could knit up an 800 yd. project in one month! I’m so proud of you. Remember, all project three’s are to be done by 9/15 (internationals 9/22) and photos are due in by 9/17 (9/24 for international projects). For those of you who completed all three projects by the deadlines (with yarn bought here during each Camp Store week or after, photos uploaded on our Loopy galleries in time), we’ll be sending you your grand prize – a skein of Wollmeise and a pattern! Next week (starting with orders that are placed on Monday, 9/12), we’ll start sending the Wollmeise to project completers who have placed orders during the week (and who have had their Project Three photo approved already)Please note – you do not have to place an additional order to get your prize. We’ll eventually get prizes out to everyone who earned them. We’re simply starting with the easiest ones – ones where we can add the prize into an order that we currently have in-house. Reason 1 – We will be shipping a lot of skeins out, and we thought we’d start with the ones where we’re already sending a box out to that address. Reason 2 – While we have some Wollmeise here for Camp Loopy, we also have a lot of cases of Wollmeise stuck in Customs, fees and duties paid for, but not yet shown up here at Loopy. This has been going on since they were shipped in mid-July. We’re not happy with the post office at the moment. We’re also not happy with the Customs office. But we’re on it and we will get those boxes. It just means that some of you will have a bit of a delay before getting your rightly-earned, highly-coveted skein of Wollmeise. But you’ll get it. I promise. (Did I mention that I’m not happy with the Customs Office and the Post Office right now? Because I’m not.)

Again, you do not have to place an order to get the Wollmeise you have earned. We hope to have the rest of the skeins here and turned back around to you sometime late this month or early next month. The website is keeping track of who we owe yarn to. If you’re wanting to verify that you earned a skein of Wollmeise, check the order note on your August Camp Loopy Project Three Yarn order, once we have approved your project photo.

I wanted to share something that we’ve been having fun with this summer. My friend Monica tempted me one too many times with her Raspberry and Velvet Hot Fudge Sauces, and I finally gave up and ordered this ice cream maker. I love it. You freeze the compartment 24 hours ahead (we just keep ours in the freezer now) and then pour in the recipe and turn it on. In 25-30 minutes, you have 2 quarts of soft-serve ice cream. That plus some of Monica’s wonderful sauces makes a great dessert for family or company. I won’t tell you how many different recipes we’ve tried, but each time, I’m still amazed that we get awesome home-made ice cream in just a half hour (no salt, ice cubes, or hand cranking required.) Here’s the latest recipe we made:

oreo-cookie-ice-creamOreo Cookie Ice Cream

1 1/2 cups milk (it calls for whole milk, but I use 2% and it works just fine)
3 cups heavy cream
1 Tbl. vanilla
1 cup sugar
15-20 Oreos, cut into bite-sized pieces

Mix the sugar into the milk and stir until it is dissolved (about 2-3 minutes). Add the cream and vanilla to the mixture and pour into the maker. Process for the recommended amount of time (usually 25-35 minutes). Add the chopped Oreo pieces during the last two minutes.  Enjoy as soft-serve ice cream, or freeze an hour or two in the freezer to firm it up more.

Pretty soon I’m going to try some of these recipes. (So far I’ve just had fun reading the book from cover to cover.) I’ve been to Jeni’s in person and her Salted Caramel Ice Cream is amazing. I was so happy to find the recipe in the book. She is known for her unique flavors, and even though some combinations sound strange, you try them and you’re hooked. Her main store happens to be in Columbus, OH, where we go for Market each summer (to find more yarn and accessory lines to add to The Loopy Ewe for all of you.) And to eat Jeni’s ice cream, which is a must for most everyone at Market.

What’s your favorite dessert, if you are going to splurge on something? Any plans to do some dessert eating this weekend?

Sheri hopingtofinishupProjectThreethisweekend.

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