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Monday, September 12th, 2011 in Around the House

I need to finish my Project Three. I had the idea that crocheting 800 yds. would go a lot faster than knitting it (and since this project coincided with the fact that we had just moved and had lots to do here, I figured that was just as well.) Of course I’m now into 2200 yds. on this project and it’s still not the size I want. Working more on it today.

Saturday I was distracted by all of the photos you have submitted for the Project Three Gallery. It took me awhile to go through and approve them all, but they are fabulous! And more arriving daily.

Yesterday afternoon, I was distracted by this project. Specifically, the Scrabble tiles. The photos were already up. I thought it would be fun to spell out our names, the names of the states we’ve lived in, the names of the streets we’ve lived on, etc. I need to add town names.(Scrabble tiles – available by the bowl full at antique stores and flea markets near you.) It makes a fun family memory wall. However, it does not make for a finished afghan.

Then when I finally thought I could sit down last night and work on it, I was distracted by this one. All evening long. (How can you say no to that face?)

Today I am distracted by work, but tonight …. tonight I will be working on my project. Really. Must be done by Thursday.

Anything distracting you today?

Sheri noMondayUpdatetonightbutmorenextweek!

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