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Malabrigo, Socktopus, Hand Maiden

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, October 3rd, 2011 in Shop News, WH's Photos

It’s another beautiful day here in Northern Colorado. I’m sprinkling a few more fall photos into the blog posts this week. I know that there are pretty fall scenes all over the country. WH and I spent a fall weekend in Portland, Maine one year and I don’t think I have ever seen prettier fall trees. You all really know how to do up the colors in the northeast! But just in case you are in a place where you don’t have fall color, I hope you enjoy some of these photos.

In addition to fall colors, we also have a lot of yarn colors to tempt you with in today’s update! Just up on the website, you’ll find:

Hand Maiden Casbah - this merino/cashmere/nylon blend was one of the very first MCN bases to come out, and it remains one of the softest and prettiest, in my opinion. New colors and re-stocks. Here it is shown in Nymph.

Socktopus – part of our Socktopus order has arrived and we’ve added this in to the website. I know that many of you have been waiting for this!

Three Irish Girls - more Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted Weight, which is what I used to make my Winter’s Rhythm capelet this past spring. I’m so glad that I’ll be able to wear that, soon. I loved knitting with this MCN yarn in the worsted weight.

Shibui - more colors in Sock, Staccato and Worsted have arrived. Have you tried the Staccato base yet? It’s made of a combination of  Superwash Merino (65%), Silk (30%) and Nylon (5%).  If you click on one of the close-up photos on our website, you can see just the slightest sheen. Try this for socks, shawls, or lacey scarves. Maybe the Maia Shoulderette, or Boing, or The Chevron Shawlette.

Tempted – Stacey’s Good Grrl yarn, in gorgeous colors (shown here in Frigid). Good Grrl is the 100% super wash merino base, and is wonderful for socks and shawls. Wouldn’t it be pretty knit up in Pimpelliese or  Simple Things or the 3S Shawl?

Malabrigo – Worsted, Rios, and Silky. Hard to pick a favorite from those three bases! I’m tempted to make Ptarmigan out of the Silky. And I’m loving the Guernsey Wrap (which will take some concentration) or the Nimbus Shawl (which doesn’t look like it will take any concentration, but what a cool shape!) with the Worsted or the Rios. (Note – the Nimbus calls for fingering weight, but I’d probably make it in DK or Worsted, to get it a little bigger.)

Lorna’s Laces Solemate – this is the thermostat yarn! (You know, the base that makes your hot self feel cooler and your cool self feel warmer?) For that reason, I’d use it for socks, scarves, cowls or mitts. But it’s equally pretty for shawls. Check out this Technical sock pattern. That Jeannie is a master of sock patterns! Or Nine-to-Five Socks – I love the cable going down the side of the heel.

We’ve also restocked the HiyaHiya needles, the Soak, Puppy Snips, Dumpling Cases with Stitchmarkers, and all SOAK scents, so stock up on your needles and accessories, too!

I’ve been on a knitting streak. I finished a cowl, my latest shawl, and a few more puffs. I’ve also started in on my Fourth Quarter Challenge (which is not a two-color shawl, like I thought it would be.) I have to take advantage of knitting streak time, because there are also times when I don’t feel like knitting for a couple of weeks at a time, and that’s never good. There are just too many patterns out there that are in my queue and too many different yarns that I want to work with. I hope this streak lasts awhile. Anyone else on a knitting streak?

Sheri nowthatI’vesaidthat,thestreakwillprobablycomecrashingtoahalt

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