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Wacky Wednesday

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 in Wacky Wednesday

Wacky #1: Are you in the mood for a wacky new bag for your knitting? I found these creative bags at a little market-in-the-park this past weekend. Karin makes totes out of old books, old game boards, posters and old album covers, complete with old ties for the handles. I’ve seen old books turned into journals, but never bags like these. Very well done and definitely a conversation starter! (Definition of wacky: creative and fun.)

Wacky #2: Cats. (Skip to #3 if you could care less about cats…) These two were racing around the house, chasing each other. The front one – Gracie – thought she’d be sneaky and hide, waiting for Zoe to walk by so that she could ambush her. Zoe – the smarter one – was watching her from behind the whole time. (Definition of wacky: crazy.)

Wacky #3:  A knitted Elvis wig. And this is necessary, why? Although perhaps a few of you might need to make it for your wacky Elvis-loving relatives for Christmas? You can find the free pattern here. (Definition of wacky: scary.)

Got anything wacky going on in your life today?

Sheri whocouldaddalotmorewackiness,butwillstopthere

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