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Cowl Finished, Knitting Slump

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

Well, as promised, I have made another cowl – a Summer Wind Cowl, just because I so enjoyed the first one. This one is out of our Loopy Legends Janice’s Sunshine in Winter color. The colorway represents a mixture of snow and cold (white and blue) with a brilliant winter sun shining through. I love it. Also? I’m pretty sold on the idea of these long loop continuous cowls.

You can wear them long:

You can wear them looped twice around your neck:

Or you can wear them more like a scarf:

I’m making another long cowl in a different pattern, and …. I’m bored. Oh, the cowl will be nice when it’s done and I’m knitting it double-stranded with Wollmeise Lace, but it’s sucking the knitting mojo right out of me. Each night I think I’ll knit and then I don’t want to pick that project up. So guess what? I think I need to start a new project. Don’t you think? Maybe I can talk myself into a set of 4 rows on the boring cowl (because that’s the pattern repeat) and then I can hop over to the more interesting project. That might just get me through it.

I’ve been keeping my cowls, scarves and shawls draped over this mannequin (bought for $10 at a shop going out of business), in my little office by the front door. It’s easy to grab one on my way out, and I like seeing them layered there.

Although, to be honest, it usually looks quite a bit messier. More like this:

Also? I don’t like that front door and I don’t like the terra cotta colored tile in this new (to us) house. But both items are way down on the “gotta change that” list, since they are perfectly fine and serviceable for the time being. Darn it.

Do you have a place to keep your most wearable knits out and easy to pop on as you walk out the door?

Sheri hopingtogetmyknittingmojobackagainsoon

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