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Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 in Shop News

1. Lost my camera connector cord somewhere in the move. Now, no way to download photos for blog posts. Must remedy soon.

2. Trucks are unloaded, temporary space is …. temporary (thank goodness), and we’re pulling/packing/shipping orders again today.

3.  Other tenants in the building aren’t quite sure what to make of us. (“Loopy Loo? And what is that, exactly?”)

4.  Colorado Elves put in a full day yesterday, getting the inventory ready for orders today. They work hard. I like that.

5.  St. Louis Elves Susan and Karen arrived last night. So great to have them here. Still trying to hijack them permanently to Colorado.

6. Sweet friend Janice arrived from Iowa today to help, too. She has been an Honorary Elf for 5+ years now.

7. The real space across the hall continues to edge towards the finish line. I am anxious for it to get done. So is Loopy. He’s not so much into the concept of “temporary” space.

Sheri whowillfigureoutaphotocordsolutionveryveryquickly.

* for pete’s sake

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