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Settling In

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, December 9th, 2011 in Shop News

Well, at least as “settled in” as we want to get in this temporary space. Thanks to St. Louis Elves Susan and Karen and Honory Elf Janice, the new elves are trained, pulling and packing orders, and on the go. We were sad to wave Susan and Karen off this afternoon, but they totally approved of the new space (“such a fun place for Loopy to be”) and the new elves (“you have some great ones here!”). I know they’ll be back sometime to visit. Susan outfitted Loopy with some Elf Shoes before she left (which I thought went well with the reindeer Loopydeer antlers that I bought him a couple of weeks ago.) He’s still keeping an eye on everything that transpires in the shop.

For the next couple of weeks, our office space is separated from our inventory space. We are getting lots of exercise, trekking down the hallway with our cart system to pull orders and then trekking back to wrap and ship them. (That just means we can say yes to whipped cream on the morning latte, right?) Here’s a photo of Elf Roberta peeking her head out of the inventory space door. I took this from the office space door. See? It’s so far down there that you can barely see her. Click on the photo and you might see it better.

The temporary inventory space is not heated and there is no electricity. Fortunately it stays plenty warm, but it does mean that we have to stop pulling orders by 4 pm, as it gets a bit dark in there. It also means that we hope for sunny days, but since Fort Collins has 300+ sunny days a year, that hasn’t been a problem so far. Here’s one little section of the space. It’s working fine, but our beautiful space across the hall (not yet finished) continues to taunt us….

I have to say, this is the friendliest building I’ve ever worked in. We’ve had more than a dozen different people pop in to introduce themselves and welcome us to the building. Very nice!

All of our orders are caught up and we’re working on Monday night’s Update. We had to split everything into two updates – one this Monday and one the Monday after that. There was just too much stuff to go up all at once. We overran the photo room this week!

Sheri hopingyouallhaveagreatweekend!



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