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Studio June – And So Are You

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 in Finished Projects

Remember when I was sick two weeks ago and whipped up Photoshopped¬†all of those Palindrome Scarfs to show you? Well I really did do some knitting while I was sick and not moving from the couch. I worked on this shawl, called “And So Are You“. I made one in the fall for a friend and decided I wanted one for myself, too. I did this with two skeins of Studio June’s Eight Bells, in the large size. I talked Elf -> Cathy into modeling it for you today (thanks, Cathy!). It looked great on top of her green sweater.

This pattern has a P3tog/YO/P3tog in the same three stitches, and I was using the new Knitter’s Pride wooden needles on this project. I was so impressed that the tips were sharp enough to do stitches like that.

I like the shape of this scarf, with big tapered ends to wrap around you. It kind of ends up being almost heart-shaped, doesn’t it?

The ruffles can sometimes be tricky to block. Here’s a close-up of how I pinned them for blocking.

Cute on the back, too.

I really need to learn to wear shawls. I have such fun making them. I do wonder how this one was named. (“And So Are You”? And so are you … what?) Another pattern I love (but has an unusual name) is 28′s Cousin 53. Have you come across other strange pattern names? It makes me want to design something and give it a really bizarre name.

Sheri weirdnames?Thepossibilitiesareendless.

Knitter’s Pride Needles, Atenti, Lola-Doodles

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, February 27th, 2012 in Pattern Links, Shop News

Another big batch of things up on the website tonight – bags, yarn, needles and patterns. That pretty much covers it all! Just added:

Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Needles - We’ve had our eye on this line for quite awhile, but we simply didn’t have space for more needles. Our current Needle Wall is 17 feet long and full. That’s a lot of needles! But we wanted to add in this line, so we added 10 more feet of slatwall for needles so that we could carry this line for you. (That makes 27 feet of needle options here. Lots to choose from.) In this new line you’ll find:

- Symfonie Cubics 6″ DPN’s (a cubed ergonomic shape provides comfort for your hands as you work)
- Dreamz 6″ and 8″ DPNS’s (All Dreamz needles come with a polished wood surface that works effortlessly with all yarn types. Each size is a different color. Note – some sizes are backordered, but we’ll get them soon.)
- Dreamz 10″ Single Point Needles
– Dreamz Circular Needles (16″, 24″, 32″, and 40″)
- Dreamz Cable Needles
– And sets of Dreamz DPN’s, Dreamz Single Points, Dreamz Crochet Hooks, Dreamz Interchangeable Deluxe and Chunky, and Interchangeable Cords.

When I first started knitting, I loved the warm feel of wooden needles and bought them in several sizes. As I got better at knitting, I strayed from wood because the points were never pointy enough for the way I knit, and the wood made my stitches feel draggy. I’m on my second project with the Dreamz Circular needles and I feel like it has all come full circle. These are pointy enough for me, they are polished enough for me (not draggy), and I’m totally sold on them. I hope you like them, too!

In addition to all those needles, we have also just added in:

- A re-stock of the Jordana Paige bags that flew out the door last week!

- New Atenti Carpet Bags in Backstitch, Camelia Sky, Denim Bloom, Groovy Brown, Juliette, Madrid, Night Bloom, Sugar Skulls and Tuscany. (Shown here in Madrid.)

- Chic-A bags - re-stocks and new styles in all colors and fabrics, including a 3-ball yarn keeper (I use my 2-ball one all the time), and a new style that has a 2-ball keeper on the bottom and a bag to keep the project in attached to the top. Smart.

- Cascade re-stocks in : 220, Eco, Eco Duo, Heritage Sock, and Heritage Silk.

- Malabrigo Sock re-stocked in the 12 colors that we could get. We have lots more Malabrigo (all weights) on order.

- Through The Loops Patterns (new and re-stocks)

- Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns (great sock basics, sweater basics, and kids sweaters)

- New Indie Dyer Lola-Doodles – this heavy fingering / light sport weight yarn is soft (merino/cashmere/nylon) and springy and comes with 435 yards in a skein. (Shown here in The Raven). I made¬†this hat when I was testing Temple’s Lola-Doodles line last fall, and I love how the colors knit up. You might try this with Ivete’s Riverside Handwarmers, or Beverly’s Barcarolle Hat, or The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, which I made last summer and loved working on. I like those patterns that knit up quickly like that.

So there you go. You can pick a new pattern, some beautiful yarn, a set of needles, and a new bag to keep it all together. Fun, right? :-)

Sheri workingonmySothiaShawltonight

Have You Branched Out? And a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 24th, 2012 in Contest

Have you branched out in your knitting? I started with scarves (knitting 20 or 30 of them, probably) and moved on to socks. I thought I’d prefer sock knitting for the rest of my life. Then I tried shawls and quickly became hooked on those, instead. It’s interesting to see how things evolve as you learn and grow, isn’t it? I’m glad that I didn’t just stick with scarves. Or socks. And I’m glad I’m not going to stick with just shawls forever, either. There are too many fun things out there to work on.

Two things I want to try next. First – Colorwork. In particular, colorwork mittens. Oh, I tried one. But I need to get much much better at my tension, before I feel like I can enjoy the whole colorwork knitting process. There are bunches and bunches of wonderful colorwork patterns that I have made note of, for when I get good at this.

I’d also like to learn to knit those cute little amigurumi/mochi creatures, just because they’re adorable. I bought this book because of the cute gnome on the front. (And several cute patterns on the inside.) I think the little creatures would be fun to pop in the mail to a friend or tie on a package. I also might need a few sitting along the top of my computer.

So that’s one important technique on my To Learn list, and one just-for-fun thing on my To Learn list. What is on your To Learn list? Leave a comment below and we’ll do a drawing next week for Loopy Gift Certificates (so that you can pick out something and move forward on one of your new projects or techniques!).

Sheri thatcolorworkmittenintheabovelink?Itturnedoutwaytoobig.

Bad News, Good News

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 in Bad New/Good News, Finished Projects

Bad news: I was so sick last week that I had to cancel out on a long-planned trip to visit Knitting Daughter at college. (I don’t even want to talk about it. Still so sad.)

Good news: United Airlines said, “No problem. We’ll credit you that $270 for a future flight.”

Bad news: And then they said, “There will also be a $180 re-ticketing fee at the time that you use the credit.”

Good news: I’m never flying United again. Southwest all the way, even if United has better flight times for certain flights.

Bad news: I sat sick and unmoving on the couch for 3 days.

Good news: I did manage to knit. Look at all of the fun springy Palindrome scarves I whipped up:

Bad news: Just kidding. (Thanks, Photoshop.)

Sheri feelingmuchbetternow,thanksforyourwellwisheslastweek

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