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Have You Branched Out? And a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 24th, 2012 in Contest

Have you branched out in your knitting? I started with scarves (knitting 20 or 30 of them, probably) and moved on to socks. I thought I’d prefer sock knitting for the rest of my life. Then I tried shawls and quickly became hooked on those, instead. It’s interesting to see how things evolve as you learn and grow, isn’t it? I’m glad that I didn’t just stick with scarves. Or socks. And I’m glad I’m not going to stick with just shawls forever, either. There are too many fun things out there to work on.

Two things I want to try next. First – Colorwork. In particular, colorwork mittens. Oh, I tried one. But I need to get much much better at my tension, before I feel like I can enjoy the whole colorwork knitting process. There are bunches and bunches of wonderful colorwork patterns that I have made note of, for when I get good at this.

I’d also like to learn to knit those cute little amigurumi/mochi creatures, just because they’re adorable. I bought this book because of the cute gnome on the front. (And several cute patterns on the inside.) I think the little creatures would be fun to pop in the mail to a friend or tie on a package. I also might need a few sitting along the top of my computer.

So that’s one important technique on my To Learn list, and one just-for-fun thing on my To Learn list. What is on your To Learn list? Leave a comment below and we’ll do a drawing next week for Loopy Gift Certificates (so that you can pick out something and move forward on one of your new projects or techniques!).

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