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Friday, February 10th, 2012 in Shop News

Some of you have emailed to ask about the mannequins we are using in the shop, and where to get them. (Aren’t they cute?) Actually, my hubby made them. I told him I’d take a dozen and he said they’re too much work for that many. :-) But here’s the info in case you ever want to try your hand at one.

WH took the mannequin form that I bought for $10 at a shop going out of business this past summer and used it as a mold. (You can see that mannequin here.) He used a quick-set plaster gauze that you can find at an art or medical supply store or on Amazon. Then a thick primer and drywall compound mix for the overcoat, to smooth it all down. And lastly, a clear latex medium for applying the prints (from old knitting pattern books, or you can find some online for downloading). Lots of work involved. I guess that’s why the ones you find on Etsy are so pricey. After watching the process, I can understand why people charge so much for them.  Here’s a cool one with a Paris flavor. And I’ve always thought the ones from this shop were amazing.

Now I just need to figure out a way to convince my husband that 7 or 8 more would be a piece of cake, now that he has the process down…

Sheri whoalsowantsonewithdifferentyarnlabelsalloverit

Mizzle in Lorna’s Laces

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 in Camp Loopy, Finished Projects, Loopy Challenges, Pattern Links

I picked Lorna’s Laces Pearl for my First Quarter Challenge yarn, because I love the way it looks in a shawl. I made a Traveling Woman in Red Rover Pearl a couple of years ago. This is the Mizzle pattern by Patricia Clift Martin, free on Ravelry.  It looks like it knits up into a pretty scarf/cowl/shawlette type accessory in the fingering weight that is called for. Since Pearl is more of a DK weight, my shawl was a little larger and I like that length and size. I used 2 skeins of Pearl for this and now I have it on display here at the shop, which is where most of my shawls end up. I really love knitting shawls, but I very seldom wear them. I always think they look wonderful on everyone else and kind of dorky on me. But it doesn’t stop me from continually adding shawl patterns to my knitting list, and having several in progress at any given time.

We’re still collecting votes for the Fourth Quarter Challenge, so make sure to email us ( with your vote. After I blogged that on Monday, Cheryl from MA emailed to ask whoever won the third Camp Loopy project vote. That reminded me that I never finished that off!  Here’s why. We asked for voting right before *Thanksgiving, which turned into The Big Loopy Move, which turned into The Second Loopy Move, which turned into Christmas, which turned into The Grand Opening*. We only had 11 Project Three votes cast at the beginning, and all 11 people voted for 11 different projects. I know that there were over 600 photos to go through, but you all did that very well with the first two camp projects. Typically, we have lots of voters weighing in with voting. I intended to re-blog it and ask for more votes, and then … well … things were a little crazy around here and I just forgot. (Repeat reading from * to *.)  So now, instead of asking you to vote again, I’ve just used the random generator to pick five winners from Project Three.  So congratulations to Una-Mary in Australia for the Absolutely Love It Shawl, to Amy in WA for the Lazy Loopy Shawl, to Barbara from MN for the 800+ Yards, to Kristine from TX for the Camp Sweater,  and to Beth from NY for the Travel Shawl for Camp Loopy.  We’ve added a $25 Loopy credit to each of your accounts, and I know you’ll have fun spending it. (And thank you again, Cheryl, for the reminder!)

So back to the issue of knitting shawls and (me) not wearing them. Do you knit shawls? And do you wear them?

Sheri stillenjoyingmyPalindromeScarfandIwilldefinitelywearthat

Dream in Color, Done Roving, and More!

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Monday, February 6th, 2012 in Shop News

Whew – busy day here. Did you have a busy one, too? We have lots of fun stuff going on, though, so it’s all good. We did just put new things up on the website. Hop over and you’ll see:

Dream in Color Classy and Special Blend Cashmere Worsted – lots of pretty re-stocks. I just started a fun scarf pattern on Friday night out of the Cashmere Worsted (shown here). It’s the Palindrome pattern, free on Rav. It knits up with reversible cables. SO quick and easy, because it’s basically 5 rows of rib (K2, P2) and then one cable row. I am loving it in the Cashmere Worsted (takes 2 skeins). Here you can see it in progress, showing the back and the front. (I cast on 52 stitches and then did 4 cables instead of 3.) And yes I AM also working on a sweater out of this same yarn base. Right now I pretty much want to make everything out of this yarn. Is there anything wrong with that??

Done Roving Yarns – Frolicking Feet (their 100% Superwash base, shown here in Dancing Leprechaun) in stunning colors. And I just got Alice’s Socktopus book and am so ready to cast on a pair of socks. It has been awhile since I worked on socks, but Alice’s book has me itching to work on some. It’s full of sock patterns that I know I will use. I’ll show you more of that later.

Accessories – two new colors of Pattern Holders (pink and yellow), more Soak Mini Sample Packs, DPN Needle Tubes, Work-in-Progress tubes, and Loopy 4-piece stitchmarker sets from Knit Girl in Idaho.

Namaste – Circular Cases and Monroe bags re-stocked, plus their new Boardwalk Backpack Bags. (More on order. We sold out of the Espresso color between the pre-orders and Loopy Elves buying Espresso for themselves! Let us know if you want us to save you one from the next batch. We do have the Eggplant, Red, and Black in stock and just up tonight, though.)

Nutty Creations - lots of fun new patterns from Debbie O’Neill. Many of you know Debbie from the Anniversary Patterns she creates for us every year. We love her work and there are lots of different projects to choose from.

It’s time to vote on the Fourth Quarter Challenge Projects that you all turned in. Last quarter the challenge was to make anything using at least one skein of Madelinetosh yarn, and you all rose to the occasion. Take a wander through the Fourth Quarter Photo Gallery and then email us your vote for your favorite:  We’ll announce the winner in a week or so!

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Good News, Bad News

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Friday, February 3rd, 2012 in Bad New/Good News

Good News: We had 20 people at Loopy Knit Night last night and filled the whole front entry area with chairs and knitters and crocheters. That was fun!
Bad News: I added more patterns to my “to knit” list. It happens every time someone walks in wearing a beautiful handknit, or comes to Knit Night, working on something enticing.

Good News: I started my sweater. This is the Tea Leaves Cardigan out of Dream in Color Cashmere Blend Worsted in the September ’11 colorway.
Bad News: We’re currently out of that colorway, but we have others available. This yarn is so fun to knit. I can only imagine how nice it will feel to wear.

Good News: I did a Cable Cast On for the neck edge and really like how it looks.
Bad News: It has nothing to do with cables, so the name is a bit misleading and makes it sound like it might be difficult. It’s so NOT difficult.

Good News: It snowed about 8″ last night! Everything looks beautiful outside and my backyard looks like this again.
Bad News: It might be done snowing here. Denver is getting 18 – 24″ and that sounds more fun. I like snow.

Good News: In addition to Mocha-the-backyard-cat (and I did finally get to pet him last week!), we also have a very friendly, sweet cat named Simon who likes to visit and drink water out of our bird bath. He loves attention. I’ve gone out on the deck to pet him several times in the last few weeks.
Bad News: Last weekend in the midst of purring and being petted, he turned around and sunk his teeth into my hand. Then he immediately went back to purring and being happy that I was petting him. (??) Now I refer to him as that Sweet Devil Cat.

Good News: I went to the doc and got on antibiotics the next day, so don’t email and tell me how awful cat bites can be. I know. He’s up to date on his rabies shots, I’m up to date on my tetanus shot, and my hand is all well now.
Bad News: He still visits our deck and I’ll probably still pet him from time to time. (At least this is bad news to my hubby, who thinks I ought to be more cautious of animals I don’t know. I’ll try, but no guarantees.)

Got any good news/bad news to share today?

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