Sheep Peek

Never seen a photographer before?

(Dog, napping on the job.)

Sheep in line for a Mocha at Starbucks.

They gave up their wool for you. Now wondering

what you’re going to do with it?

Hoping you have a good weekend!

Sheri notaLoopysheepinthewholebatch.

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18 comments on “Sheep Peek

  1. Too cute. Fun to read too. Thanks. Oh, by the way, I had no idea sheep liked mocha from Starbucks. Learn something every day.

  2. I dare you to put red socks on one the next time! That would be great picture if it could be managed. :-)

    Thanks for the adorable sheep pics!

  3. I’ll be completely honest. I prefer the fleece after it’s been shorn, washed, carded, dyed spun and without those creepy sheep eyes. They scare me.

  4. What no photoshop this week? LOL I bet red socks would not be hard to put on those hooves!

    Love the dog taking a nap and he/she is white too! I think he/she needs red socks!