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Two Color Shawls

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

Ever since our first month’s Camp Loopy Challenge last summer, I have been a bit taken with two-color shawls. First of all, it’s really fun to pick the colors. Secondly, they look so darned fun, knit up. I finished my Sothia Shawl, which has been on my “Want to Make” list since I approved so many of your Sothia Shawls last summer for the challenge! I like shawls with ruffles (although I’m so not a ruffle-y person). I knit this with 2 skeins of String Theory Caper Cobalt and 1 skein of Hand Maiden Casbah Smoke.

What I like about the pattern: It fits really well. I like how the ends are designed to curve in around you. Nice shape. Also, a very cute ruffle on the end. However ….

What I didn’t like about the pattern: Knitting the never-ending ruffle. I’ve made quite a few things with ruffles (like this Mara Shawl and that Mara Shawl, this¬†Shawl that Jazz and that Shawl that Jazz,¬†this 28′s Cousin 53 and that 28′s Cousin 53, this And So Are You and that And So Are You, and Pleiades. Just one of those). I’m used to ruffles. I can get into a zone and K2P2 like nobodies business. This one, however, went on and on, and had two increases as you went on. Granted, this makes the ruffle flare out a bit (which is nice), but holy cow, I never thought I’d finish that ruffle. Glad it’s done. Maybe I should steer clear of ruffles for awhile.

Now I have picked out three more sets of colors for two-color shawls and I’m going through different patterns, trying to decide what I want to do. I am thinking about: Skewed Shawl, Dancette, Pamuya, Whippoorwill, Amalia, Spectra, Scalene, Ulmus, Taygete, Daybreak, Lakedale, and Ishbel. Decisions, decisions.

Here are the colors (all in Madelinetosh Merino Light, because we have shelves and shelves and shelves full of it, enticing me.)

There’s the Envy/Baltic Combo:

The Charcoal/Black Velvet Combo:

And the Mansfield Garden Party/Fragrant Combo:

Doesn’t that make you want to knit a two-color shawl? Have you tried one yet?

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