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Down the Aisles and Around the Corners

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, April 6th, 2012 in Shop News

We’ve had the Webcam up for over a year now, and it has been fun to give you a glimpse into all things Loopy. But of course the Webcam only gives you a little peek into one part of Loopy. This place is big, and there is a lot more to see than what comes across on the Webcam! So today I thought I’d share some pictures with you of the parts of Loopy that aren’t visible on the camera. (Or – here’s a better idea – come visit us in person and explore the nooks and crannies yourself! Even more fun!)

We finally got our sign up on the building. Isn’t Loopy cute up there? He’s pretty proud of himself. He likes it best at night when he gets to be “in lights”. (I know that lighted signs don’t photo well at night, but you get the idea.)

When you walk in the door, this is what you see looking left – the Loopy sign that you can see on the Webcam, plus colorful yarn temptations straight ahead. Looking right – the checkout counter and the Packing Station where we wrap up all of your orders and get them shipped out. You can see one side of the Packing Station on the Webcam. There is always someone else (or two) packing orders on the other side that you can’t see, too.


Here’s what it looks like after you’ve walked all the way in and turned around to the door you just walked in. Also, please note Herman in the corner. That’s where he hangs out.

The first row (you can see down that on the Webcam) is the Worsted aisle. Doesn’t that Cascade wall look colorful? And the Stonehedge Fiber Shepherd’s Wool on the right?

The next aisle over has our Sport/DK weights and all of the needles. People spend a lot of time in that row, contemplating needle choices.

After that comes an aisle with Fingering weights and Lace weights. You’ll also catch a lot of pretty bags up on the tops of the shelves, as well as knitted shawls, hats and scarves further down.

And then the row opposite the long wall of windows, with more fingering weight. (We have tons and tons of sock yarn, although you all use the yarn just as often for shawls.) Plus bins and bins of extra yarn. In case we run out. :-)

At the very back of the store, we have more sock yarn, more fun bags, roving, our Hadley Pottery line, and a table for classes. (And my office is behind the wall with that Loopy sign on it.)

Finally – the Loopy Elf Break room (where we all eat lunch). Aren’t those yarn-bucket-lights fun? Ikea.

Do you feel like you’ve had a good virtual visit? We’ll keep doing the personal shopping for your online orders, but do come visit in person if you ever get the chance!

We have winners from last week’s blog contest. A big congratulations to Retha in CT and Paula in IA. Both of you have won a $25 credit at The Loopy Ewe, which we’ve added to your account, ready for spending when you find something fun you’d like! Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll do another contest sometime this month.

Have a blessed Easter Weekend!

Sheri hopingtofinishupmyPagonathisweekend

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