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Yarn Balls and Bananas

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 20th, 2012 in Sheri's Recipes

I found this over on Pinterest the other day (originally from this blog post, and it looks like she has all kinds of fun ideas there so take a peek around). We have tall ceilings here at Loopy, and I think a few colored (and big) yarn balls hanging from the ceiling in different spots might be fun. I’ll let you know if I tackle this project! Of course it would also be cute as lamps, but being a knitter, my mind immediately went to yarn balls.

Another thing from Pinterest? This Banana Poke Cake recipe, that turned out to be very good. This originally came from The Country Cook blog, where she also has recipes for Oreo Pudding Poke Cake, Boston Cream Poke Cake, Coconut Cream Poke Cake, and Jell-O Poke Cupcakes, if you’re so inclined.

Banana-Poke-CakeBanana Poke Cake

1 (10 oz) box yellow cake mix
(plus ingredients to make it – oil, eggs, water)
2 (3.4 oz) packages instant banana pudding
4 cups milk
1 (8 oz) but Cool Whip, thawed
Vanilla Wafers, lightly crushed

Mix and bake cake mix according to directions, in a 9 x 13 pan. Cool for a couple of minutes and then use the end of a wooden spoon handle to poke lots of holes into the cake.  (Be sure to poke all the way down to the bottom).

Prepare pudding in a bowl with the milk and shake for 1 minute in tightly sealed container, to mix it all up. Pour over the cake, making sure that the pudding drips down into the holes you created.

Sprinkle crushed vanilla wafers over the layer of pudding.

Top with Cool Whip and let set in refrigerator for a couple of hours (or overnight).

Only one week left to get Project Two done and I am concerned. I’m on row 216 and I have to go to row 270 (in a half-circle shawl. So that tells you that my last rows are my longest.) I might be in trouble.

Sheri areweallowedtocallinsicktoworknextweektofinish?

Edit: P.S. Boy, the news is sad today, isn’t it? We are all fine here, but so heartbreaking for the families affected in Colorado.

Mid-Week Break: Cute Alpacas

Photo: Sheri Berger
Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 in WH's Photos

Not much to write about today (we’re still getting orders out from Camp Store Week), so I thought I’d share the cute alpaca photos that WH took awhile back. These sweet animals live with the nice folks who own Prairie Moon Alpacas, and please note that they have male alpacas for sale. Don’t you want one?










You gotta love the one in the second to last photo – the one with the cute teeth.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sheri clearingspaceinthebackyardforalpacas.

Three Irish, Kauni, Malabrigo and More

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, July 16th, 2012 in Pattern Links, Shop News

We’ve been busy getting your Camp Store Week orders out, but we’ve also been busy in the stock room, unpacking boxes and getting photos done! For tonight’s Monday Update, we added in:

Malabrigo Rios – this superwash worsted weight has been very popular for sweaters, vest, and baby things. Remember, Malabrigo is hand-dyed in lots of 5, and sometimes even those 5 don’t match exactly right! If you’re making a multi-skein project with this yarn, it’s always important to alternate rows and skeins. The beauty of the colors and softness of the yarn makes it totally worthwhile. How about the Arroyo Shawl? Or a pair of Vancouver Fog fingerless mitts for a holiday gift? Or the Bella Baby Sweater? (Shown here in Solis.)

Malabrigo Silky Merino - a single-ply DK weight which is perfect for shawls, scarves, hats, etc. The silk adds a bit of sheen to anything you knit with it. Try it with the Verdure Shawl, or the Silver Bells Shawl.

Stonehedge Fiber Shepherd’s Wool - Re-stocks in DK and Worsted weights. This continues to be a really popular choice for sweaters. People in-store always pick it up and comment on how soft it is. Try the Delancey Cardigan out of the DK weight. Cute for Fall! (Shown here in Berries.)

Kauni - re-stocks in solids and multi-colors. We have continued to weigh each skein that comes in, so that we can adjust the gram weight more accurately for you. I made this Citron out of a skein and loved seeing the colors progress. You could also do theSynchrony Shawl, the Chou Cowl (love that), or a Vortex Shawl/blanket.

Blue Sky Alpacas – re-stocks and new colors, including a brand new base called Metalico. This 50% Baby Alpaca / 50% Raw Silk blend is truly luscious and comes in naturally occuring shades of baby alpaca. 147 yards per skein in Sport weight. I’d use this for cowls, scarves or gloves/mitts, but we also have patterns going up on the website tonight that include a poncho and a sweater (in addition to other things). Try The Political Process Mitts, or a Norden Cowl. (Shown here in Silver.)

Spud and Chloe – re-stocks and new colors. How about the Old Bones Shawl in Outer?

Three Irish Girls – re-stocks in Cashmerino Fingering and Adorn Sock. Beautiful color combinations for socks and shawls. Need some new sock pattern ideas? Maybe Charybdis SocksStepping Stones Socks, or Lavendar Fields Forever Socks.

Yarn Caddies – George brought another big batch of Yarn Caddies in at the end of last week. We have them in Red Cedar, Oak, Cherry, Maple, White Ash, and Brown Ash. And let me just say that it’s impossible to pick just one. Speaking from personal experience. (Shown here in Walnut.) Remember, due to the size and weight of the Yarn Caddies, we’re unable to ship them outside of the 48 contiguous States. I think that means that some of you might just have to hop a jet and visit us in person, don’t you think?

Speaking of hopping a jet – we have the dates set for our first Colorado Spring Fling! We’ll be Flinging April 18-21, 2013. Details and signups to come sometime in November (watch the blog and Loopy Email Newsletter for details this fall), but I know some of you like to plan ahead. We’re so looking forward to having you here!

Now – off to shop. We’ll get your orders packed up and shipped out asap!

Sheri needtofinishProjectTwobutanxioustostartinonProjectThree


Sharing a Love of Knitting

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 13th, 2012 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

I learned to knit when I was young, but it wasn’t a hobby that stuck with me at the time. I was quickly off to something else. When Knitting Daughter reached the age of 13 or so, I really wanted her to find a hobby. I have enjoyed different hobbies all my life, and wanted the same enjoyment and relaxation for her as she grew up. We went to Michaels and I said, “Pick anything you want to try. We’ll see which hobby you enjoy the most!” We went through rug hooking, counted cross stitch, needlepointing, and finally knitting. Knitting was the one that stuck with her, so I took it up again as well. (And then two years later we started Loopy!)

She really likes knitting that she doesn’t have to think about too much. (That is a direct result of her busy life, I think!) She likes scarves. This one is my favorite, because she made it for me and it’s so toasty and wonderful. But awhile back, she decided to try a Girasole. This week it came off the needles and we blocked it, and I’m really proud of her! I think she just might make another one sometime. (This one done in Cascade Heritage Sock.) It sure is fun to share a love of knitting with her. I’ve taught a lot of people to knit, but she’s my favorite knitter. :-) Who’s your favorite knitter?

Sheri hopingyouhavefunthingsplannedfortheweekend!

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