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The Owls are Back!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, April 26th, 2013 in WH's Photos

owls-in-nest-in-treesRemember last year when I shared photos of an owl’s nest that is on my route to and from work? Last year, the momma owl looked so tired and had 3 big puffy babies to take care of. ¬†Guess what? She has three more this year – still big, puffy and white. And guess what else? She still looks exhausted. (Notice – snow on the nest and no leaves this year. Last year at this time the leaves were out and hiding the babies a bit more carefully.) I wonder if it’s the same momma owl this year? Or are owl nests a “first come, first served” kind of thing? I found another nest at a different intersection this year, too. owls-in-nest-in-treesThat one looks to have a momma and one or two babies. I’ll share more pictures if we get more later.

It’s fun to see the nests and babies from year to year. I used to hear owls frequently when we lived in St. Louis, but I never saw any nests, much less baby owls. Here we hear them, we see them, and we watch their babies and nests. Very cool.

What will you be knitting on this weekend? I am still working on my Nuvem. It’s a long knit, but I will love it when it’s done.

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