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Happy May Day??

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 in Wacky Wednesday, WH's Photos

We woke up to another 14+ inches of snow this morning (and it’s still going!). I have to say, it generally only stays around for a day or two, and then everything melts in the hot sunshine. I like it that way. I never get overly tired of being surrounded by snow and white and gloom all winter, because we just don’t have that here. I am, however, ready for spring. Last year, I posted this photo of our blooming lilacs on April 13th on my Facebook page. I’m ready to see those again.


Here are some snow shots from today. Maybe this will be it for this winter, and we’ll move into spring next!




And a few photos that WH took downtown today. Someone – or four someones – left their bike(s) out ….





Sheri wonderingwhatkindofweatheryouareexperiencingonthisMayDay?

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