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Little Loopy Troublemakers

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, July 22nd, 2013 in Shop News

We have a lot of fun with our Little Loopy guys. They are always hanging out around the shop,

Little Loopy The Loopy Ewe

hanging out The Loopy Ewe

sometimes “helping” with the shipping,

Weighing Help The Loopy Ewe

Ouch The Loopy Ewe

frequently stealing our snacks and coffee,

Loopy Eats M's The Loopy Ewe

MM The Loopy Ewe

Keurig Loopy

and trying to sneak into orders when we’re not looking.

Loopy in orders The Loopy Ewe

Boxed Up Loopy

Today, they heard about the new little Prince and are demanding to be sent over to the Royal Nursery. I can only imagine the havoc they’d cause. I told them no. Kate and William probably have enough to worry about without having to keep track of a band of trouble-making Little Loopy guys. Don’t you think?


Sheri wedohaveafewsweetLittleLoopies,

P.S. No Monday Update tonight, because we’re still packing Camp orders. Be sure to get your Camp Loopy Project Three orders in by tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 23). Knitting on Project Three begins August 1st!

Some Camping Fun!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 19th, 2013 in Camp Loopy

Campfire Games The Loopy EweWe’re busy getting your Camp Loopy Project Three orders out this week, and having a great time seeing all of the beautiful yarn and colors you have picked. I can’t wait to see your finished photos coming back in to us when August is over. (Remember that the start date is August 1st – not a day sooner. That’s an important part of the Camp rules!) We have split everyone into Campfire Games Groups for the August project. Even if you’re not doing Camp Loopy with us this summer, you could make a fun family (or friends) evening with Campfire Games (see below). You might also want to whip up some Camper’s Crunch, S’More Pops, and S’Mores Dessert Pizza for your guests. Eat a s’more for us! Here are the Campfire Games we’re using for Camp Loopy this summer:

Camp Loopy-Johnny Johnny OopsJohnny Johnny Oops – Sit in a circle and one person (the leader) starts by saying, “I have S’More Pops for everyone, but in order to get yours, you have to do exactly as I do.” Then, the leader says the following words: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, OOPS, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. While saying those words, hold up your left hand and with your right hand, touch each finger on the left hand as you say a word, starting with the little finger. So little finger, ring finger, and middle finger are each “Johnny”. When you get to your pointer finger, slide down the side of the pointer finger and up the side of the thumb saying “Oops”. Then start at the thumb (Johnny) and go backwards again (OOPS between the thumb and pointer, then Johnny, Johnny, Johnny as you point to middle, ring and little fingers again.) Then – quietly put your hands in your lap. See who can follow the instructions exactly like you did it. You may have to demo it again. Most will pick up the Johnny Johnny Oops routine, but they won’t quietly put their hands in their laps when they are done, which is an equally important part of the directions to “do exactly as I do”!

Camp Loopy-Marshmallow MaverickMarshmallow Maverick – Get out the sticks and the bag of marshmallows! This one involves a little skill and a light hand. The goal here is to see how many times you can roast a crust around the marshmallow on a stick. Each time you get a nice roast, pull the crust off (and eat it – yum!), and then roast it again and repeat until there is no marshmallow left. Word is, the record is 12 times for one regular-sized marshmallow. Can you beat it? (Or try this game with those gigantic marshmallows – you ought to get 20 or more times out of those.)

Camp Loopy-WinkWink – In each round, one person is the Winker. (One way to do this is to deal out a number of playing cards, and designate one card as “it”.) The Winker is in charge of getting each person in the game out by making eye contact and winking at them as subtly as possible. When someone has been winked at, they wait five seconds and then declare themselves out and back out of the circle. The goal of the game is to figure out the Winker before you’ve been put out of the game. If you figure it out beforehand, you can “accuse” and point to the person you think is the Winker. If you’re right, you win. If you’re wrong, you’re out! If the Winker gets the circle down to one person, the Winker wins.

Camp Loopy-Dutch ShoeDutch Shoe – Sit in a circle and everyone needs to have a shoe in their right hand. As you say the phrase below, each person will pass their shoe to the right in rhythm on each of the bolded words. Then, on the first “do”, everyone keeps the shoe they have and taps it on the floor to their right. On “what”, the same shoe is tapped on the floor to the left. On the second “do”, everyone passes their shoe to their right-hand neighbor and the whole thing starts again.

You must pass this shoe from me to you, to you,
You must pass this shoe and do just what I do.

Of course you should say that phrase (and pass the shoes) faster and faster each time around!

Camp Loopy-Hot PotatoHot Potato - this is an easy game. You’ll need someone in charge of the music, and everyone else sits in a circle around the campfire. When the music starts, pass a small object (like a potato) around the circle as music is playing. When the music stops. the person holding the potato is out. Continue passing the potato as the music plays, until there is one person left.

Have fun with your family and friends campfire! And if you’re doing Camp Loopy with us this summer, feel free to share your Campfire Games button on your blog or on Ravelry or Facebook. (You’ll be assigned a Campfire Game group on your Project Three order form. We’ll use these different titles to form new discussion groups on Ravelry for Project Three.)

Sheri thinkingtheElvesandIshouldplayafewgamesnextweek

Camp Loopy Project Three

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 in Camp Loopy

ChallengeMonthThreeI know we’re not yet done with Project Two, but it’s time to get yarn ordered for the next project so we can get these shipped off to you in time to start on August 1! It’s ok if you didn’t get in on Months One or Two. Just jump in and join us for Month Three! Remember – this is a virtual camp. No travel required. Just lots of fun and getting projects done.

Project Three: needs to be knit or crocheted between 8/1 and 8/31, with a photo of the completed project uploaded to our Loopy Ewe Project Three Photo Gallery by 9/1. (The Project Three Photo Gallery will go up mid-August for your submissions.)

The Challenge for Project Three – The project needs to use at least 800 yards, single stranded. That’s the only requirement! So you can knit a sweater, or a vest, or a blanket, or a bag, or a shawl, or anything that uses 800 yards in one project. (A pair of socks count as one project, although I’m not sure you’d find a pattern that uses 800 yards unless you were doing thigh-highs! But “sets” don’t count. So you can’t knit a hat plus a scarf plus gloves to add up to 800 yards. The challenge is to do one 800 yard project.)

BenefitsThe benefits:

1. If you need to purchase yarn for your project, we are offering a 20% Camp Loopy discount for the yarn during a designated “Camp Loopy Store Week” each month. The discount for Project Three is valid for one project’s worth of yarn purchased during Camp Store Week Three (July 17-23), in one order. To get the discount, you will need to leave us an order note on the order, telling us which yarn will be used for your Camp Project. We’ll apply the discount when your order comes through to us. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure that your discount won’t take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the shipping charge back in after we do the discount.

2.  If you have your photo uploaded to the Camp Loopy 2013 Project Three Photo Gallery by the deadline, you’ll be eligible to win one of our Loopy Gift Certificates for that month. We’ll be having the blog readers vote for the Reader’s Choice Award each month, and we’ll also be using the random generator to pick a few more winners for Loopy Gift Certificates as well from each month’s gallery!

3.  If you choose to do all three projects with us (photos uploaded by the deadlines and yarn for each project purchased during Camp Store Week or later for that project) we will also be awarding you a special skein of fingering weight yarn, in an exclusive Camp Loopy Colorway. (We will have 3 different exclusive Camp colors for you to choose from, so that you can pick your favorite.) This luscious skein will be perfect for socks, shawls, scarves, cowls, or mitts. We love this yarn base, and I know you will love it, too.

So if you participate in all three months of Camp and follow the guidelines, you’ll get 3 projects done at a discount, you’ll no doubt earn one or more Frequent Shopper Bonuses and maybe some extra things through our Loopy Rewards Program, and you’ll get a special skein of exclusively dyed fingering weight yarn for yet another project. 

FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we participate with weaving instead of knitting or crochet? 
A. For Camp Loopy, we’re sticking with knitting or crochet.

Q. I didn’t get to order during Camp Store Week, but if I order my project yarn later in that same month and complete the project by the deadline, does that still count, even though I know I don’t get the Camp Loopy discount? 
A. Yes!  Make sure that you add a “Camp Loopy” note to your order, so that we know you’re participating. You’ll still be eligible for the project drawings and prizes for that month, and if you finish all three projects by the deadlines, you’ll still get the bonus – a free skein of that luscious yarn, exclusively dyed.

Q. I want to participate using yarn from my stash. Does that still count? 
A. You are welcome to participate and knit from stash and upload it to the gallery, as long as it’s yarn that we carry at The Loopy Ewe. (We always require projects in our Photo Galleries to be from yarn that we carry at TLE.) You will still be eligible for drawings and prizes for the month, but you won’t be eligible for the free yarn at the end.

Q. When you say to knit the project between 8/1 and 8/31, when EXACTLY does the timing start? 
A. You can start at 12:01 am your time on 8/1 if you’d like, although a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast might be a better idea. No starting the project prior to August 1st. The project needs to be done by 11:59 pm on 8/31, your time. The photos need to be uploaded by 11:59 pm OUR time (Mountain Time) on 9/1.

Q. When you specify yardage in a project, can I use up the yardage by knitting double stranded? So if you say we must use 800 yards, can I do a 400 yard project, holding the yarn double? That would use 800 yards. 
A. No doubling the yarn to get the yardage. If you’d like to knit something double stranded, you’ll need to use 1600 yards so that you end up with an 800 yard project when it’s done.

Q. How do I know if I’m on track for the free yarn bonus, and when will I get it? 
A. If you purchased your project yarn during Camp Store Week (or later that same project month) and uploaded your photo by the deadline, then you are on track. Once Camp is over and the yarn is ready, we’ll send you a notice to let you choose your camp colorway. You will have the option of having your bonus yarn added in the box with your next order from us, or you can choose to have it sent to you right away on its own and we’ll just add a shipping charge to that.

Q. Why do we have to purchase the yarn during Camp Store Week each month, if we want the bonus? 
A. Two reasons. One – it costs us money to fund this (the contests, the free yarn at the end, etc.) and your purchases help us to be able to afford to do this. Two – it helps us to guarantee that everyone is knitting for the project during the designated time and not simply pulling a finished (or half finished) project out of their pile and saying they did it “for camp”. It keeps an even playing field for all of the people earning the bonuses.

RavGroupsIn addition to getting projects done along with discounts and free yarn rewards, another part of the fun is talking to fellow campers on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry. We set up chat groups each month during Camp, based on a different criteria each time. For the third month, we’re dividing you into Campfire Games Groups. Look for the starred Campfire Game on your Camp Loopy order form. If you’re knitting your camp project from stash, feel free to choose one of the groups on your own, or email us and we’re happy to assign a group to you. The Campfire Games threads will be set up on Ravelry just prior to August 1. Jump into the discussion and share which project you’re going to make and what yarn you’re using, then report on your progress during the month. (Not on Ravelry? No worries. Participating in the groups is not required. We just add those in for extra fun.)

Have fun figuring our your next project. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll be doing!

Sheri notyetdonewithProjectTwobutalreadyexcitedaboutmyProjectThree!

Madelinetosh, Shalimar, Blue Sky, Spud & Chloe, and More!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, July 15th, 2013 in Shop News

Sequoia The Loopy EweIt has been another busy week of unpacking boxes and photo-ing new yarn. It was nice to get all of this out of the back room and onto the Loopy shelves today! Fortunately we are closed to in-store shoppers on Mondays, because the aisles are filled with boxes and wheeled carts and all kinds of inventory that we’re stocking on the shelves all day long. It would be frustrating if you were trying to wander the aisles and shop in person! But by Tuesday mornings, we’re always ready to welcome you in the shop again, so pop on by. Of course you can shop online 24/7 and we just added:

Madelinetosh Sock – this 100% superwash merino fingering weight yarn has been re-stocked in 65+ colors. We like this base for socks, but also for shawls and lightweight sweaters. (Shown here in Sequoia.)

Shalimar Breathless DK – this springy DK weight yarn is 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, and 10% Silk. (Just like the regular Breathless that we all love, but a little bit thicker.) Beautiful for sweaters, but also perfect for one-skein hats, scarves, cowls and mitts.

Chelseas Shawl The Loopy EweDream in Color Kits – We have added in the new Chelsea Kit, which supports the Chelsea’s Light Foundation. Your kit includes 1 skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, 1 mini skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, and an online coupon for Stephen West’s Akimbo Shawl pattern. We have three different color combos to pick from. Dream in Color is donating $10 from every one of these kits sold to Chelsea’s Light. (Shown here in the Sundown Orchid version). We have also added more of the Tulip Cardigan Kits in both the Boy and Girl color combos. These make adorable baby/toddler sweaters.

Spud and Chloe – re-stocks in Sweater (the worsted weight), Fine (the fingering weight), and Outer (the bulky weight).

Blue Sky Alpacas – re-stocks in Skinny Cotton (fingering weight), Worsted Cotton, Metalico (DK weight), and Alpaca Silk (DK weight.) We’ve also added in a few adorable kids patterns – the Cameron Hoodie, the Beatrice Top, and the Harriet Dress.

Manos del Uruguay – we’ve re-stocked the Serena, which is a sport weight yarn that is 60% Baby Alpaca and 40% Pima Cotton. This would make a wonderful sweater, shawl or cowl.

Arya The Loopy EweNamaste – Circular Cases have come in from our backorder! We received them in Lime, Black, Red, Eggplant, Hollywood Pink, and Caribbean Blue.

Offhand Designs – a new style of bag called the Arya. This bag holds a bunch! It is 13.5″ high x 17″ wide by 6″ deep. The middle section snap frame opens and closes (making it a great, safe place to store your wallet or iPad), and there are large open sections on either side of that for storing projects, needles, patterns, yarn, and a variety of other necessary items. We have it in three different fabrics. (Shown here in Nora.)

Sheri enjoyinganothercloudydayhereinColorado



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