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Random Acts of Kindness – Week Four

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, December 27th, 2013 in Random Acts of Kindness

Loopy Love The Loopy EweAnother fun week of reading all of the heartwarming things you have done to those around you (strangers, friends, family members, neighbors, etc.) Things like:

Janet and her husband, who hosted a dinner at their church after the Christmas program.

Jane, who bought two bags of food for the local food pantry.

Bonny, who has been inspired by all of you to look for RAK’s. She did several at the Newark airport, while waiting for her son’s delayed flight!

Kandice, who donated to the No Kid Hungry campaign.

Susan, who finished a sweater for a stranger whose mom had passed away before she could finish it.

Ann’s husband, who volunteered to help at the local tree lot, when he realized there was only one elderly gentleman working that evening.

Julie, who donated 30 pairs of handknit socks to one of her city schools.

Geraldine, who baked nine cheesecakes for her husband’s co-workers.

And many more! I love reading about the creative ways you ┬áhave found to help others during this season. This is our last blog post of the season for collecting RAK’s. I hope you find something fun to do for someone. Sometimes it’s even more fun after Christmas, because people don’t expect it as often when the holiday has passed. Leave a comment below and let us know what you found to for someone else over the next few days!

Sheri offtofindsomeonethatneedsaRAKtoday

P.S. The randomizer picked comment #1 as last week’s winner, so we’ll be sending off a Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petite’s Kit to Seanna Lea in MA!

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