Final Roundup of RAK’s

Loopy LoveThanks to everyone who participated in our Random Acts of Kindness blogs during the month of December again. I loved reading your entries, and I also got some great ideas for next year. (Although, why wait to do it until next year? These are things I should be doing all year long. Right?) A few of the entries from last week:

Abby – who went to the People tab on Ravelry and randomly gifted patterns to some of the New Kids on Rav.

Mary Beth – who bought presents for one of the families at church who were in need.

Chris – who picked up surprise gifts for handing out on Christmas Day at a hospice.

Janet – who found a lost dog and returned her to a grateful owner.

Kelly – who purchased a $10 gift card at the store and then turned around and gave it to the person behind her.

Marianne – who gave her neighbors cookies and some of her time last week.

Denise – who rounded up some of her beautiful quilts and took them to a women’s shelter.

Kandice – who took the time to find out what was wrong with their server, and then made her day.

Shana – who went above and beyond to help her friend’s family have a special Christmas.

Lisa – who noticed an elderly woman drive up to the gas pump, and offered to pump the gas for her.

I used the random number generator to pick one final winner, and the prize this week goes to Marianne (who made cookies and gave time to her neighbors!). Marianne – email us with your shipping information and we’ll get your prize mailed out. We’re sending them out next week!

Sheri doesn’tfeellikeaFriday,doesit?

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4 comments on “Final Roundup of RAK’s

  1. Sheri, your thought about RAK’s all yr long is spot on! If everyone did ONE kind thing every week…that’s a whole giant skeinful of kindness.