Sheep's Wool has scales that overlap (similar to shingles on a roof) and the wool is crimped. The finer the wool, the softer it will be. Wool is a great insulator. It can absorb 35% of its own weight in moisture, but it won't feel wet to the touch until it is saturated with 60% of its own weight. The wicking properties of wool will pull the moisture away from the skin, helping to keep the body warm.

Biscotte & Cie

75% Wool, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk
8 items available

Blue Sky Alpacas

50% Alpaca, 50% Wool
17 items available

Hand Maiden

50% Wool, 50% Silk
19 items available


100% Wool
81 items available

100% Wool
35 items available


100% Wool
23 items available

Prism Arts

100% Wool
13 items available


50% Wool, 50% Cotton
1 items available

50% Wool, 50% Cotton
3 items available


48% Silk, 36% Wool, 16% Cashmere
14 items available


75% Wool, 25% Nylon
12 items available

Stonehedge Fiber Mill

100% Wool
52 items available

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