The Loopy Ewe Wooden Sock Blocker

These beautiful oak sock blockers are wonderful for displaying your finished socks. Use them to block your socks, hang them in your knitting corner for inspiration, and use them for decoration. Stained with a golden oak and then several coats of clear protective finish. Great for those of you who frequently wash and block your socks, these blockers are made exclusively for The Loopy Ewe.

This price is for 1 sock blocker. If you'd like a pair, you'll need to order 2! (Or order one of every size so that you have a set for all of your sock-blocking needs.)

Small works with women's sizes 5-6 (8 1/4" from toe to heel) Medium works with women's sizes 7-8 (men's sizes 5-6) (9" from toe to heel) Large works with women's sizes 9-10 (men's sizes 7-8) (10 1/4" toe to heel) XLarge works with women's sizes 11+ (men's sizes 9+) (11" toe to heel)


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