Heartstrings Cat's Cradle Scarf

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All Knitted
Scarves and Cowls
Cat's Cradle Scarf in Heartstrings from Heartstrings
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The clustered threads used as the main pattern stitch in this scarf concentrate the colors of variegated yarn in a lovely way. Also, the way the threads meet and cross each other reminds one of the child's game "cat's cradle".

By knitting this scarf from one long edge to the other, the colors arrange themselves lengthwise in strokes of color along the length of the scarf. The eyelet stripe sections which frame and divide the cat's cradle areas further emphasize the length-wise color placement. Pattern includes a mini-tutorial on finishing and blocking lace.

This scarf can be knitted in any lace or light fingering weight yarn of your choice. Allow 450 yards of yarn for blocked measurements of 6 ½" by 70". 5 stitches/inch, size US 5 /3.75 mm needles suggested. Written pattern instructions.

To achieve a look similar to the model shown, choose a variegated yarn with color runs of 10 inches or more. Pattern includes design notes for for making your scarf shorter or longer, narrower or wider, and with whatever yarn you want. Remember that the amount of yarn you need will vary as you make these type of adjustments.

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in October 2007.
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