Heartstrings Fine Filigree Fingerlings

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Pattern Type
All Knitted
Hats and Gloves
Fine Filigree Fingerlings in Heartstrings from Heartstrings
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Here are three styles of beautiful hand coverings styled for under-the-cuff wear to give the look of layering. The Lace Filigree pattern stitch might appear complicated to knit, but is surprisingly simple!

In the Simple Filigree Hand Warmers, the Lace Filigree motifs are repeated in columns for an easy-to-knit self-shaping hand covering.

Filigree Mitts are designed to cover more of the hand, and include a thumb gusset. These fingerless mittens are a flattering alternative to wearing mittens or gloves.

A Touch of Filigree Wristlets feature just enough Lace Filigree edging to peak from under the cuffs of a blouse or sweater. Or wear alone for a pretty pulse warmer.

These hand coverings can be knitted in any fingering weight yarn of your choice. Size US 1 / 2.25 mm needles suggested.

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in January 2007.
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