The Loopy Ewe Club Loopy Club Loopy 2011 - February

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Club Loopy 2011 - February in Club Loopy from The Loopy Ewe
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Our February Club Loopy Kit combines the warm yarn that we still need to be wearing (we have a below zero windchill in St. Louis today), with a colorway that gives us hope that Spring is around the corner! Included in this kit, you will find:

  • A skein of The Alpaca Yarn Co. Paca Peds (Heels and Toes) in the Promise of Spring colorway (The mini skeins are twisted up in the big skein. Some have a green mini skein and some have a blue mini skein. We'll send you a pretty one!)

  • Breath of Fresh Air Scarf, designed by Debbie O’Neill, with the body in the multi-color and the edging out of the solid color.

  • Frosted Fields Socks designed by Beth Lutz from The Alpaca Yarn Co. with the body in the multi-color and the cuff, heels and toes out of the solid color.

  • The Baby Baggu Bag with my favorite knitting quote on it! (Note: some bags are teal-ish green and some are more of a grass green.) We have this quote at Loopy, above the lineup of socks on sock blockers, in our order packing area. It’s the quote we see most often during the day.

Socks with a bit of alpaca in them are extra luscious, because they keep your feet toasty. Of course that goes for the scarf around your neck, too, so no matter which pattern you choose to knit up, you'll be warm.

(Club Loopy Kits ship separately, as we have them all boxed up and ready to go out to you. You're welcome to order other things in a separate order (or multiple kits), but they must ship separately.)

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in February 2011.
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