Vinyl Wall Art Crochet Girl Car Decal

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Crochet Girl Car Decal in Vinyl Wall Art from Vinyl Wall Art
Legend: Physical Scale

These decals are made to go on your car, so that you can let everyone know what you're all about! It has a 2-5 year outdoor life and you apply it to the outside of the window. (You can also use these on other smooth surfaces.) The decal is white, as shown on the car window photo.

Directions: Simply peel off the white backing paper, apply decal to clean window, rub over the top of the blue paper with a credit card to activate the adhesive underneath, and carefully peel back the blue paper to leave the vinyl decal on the window. When you're ready to take the decal off in a few years, just peel the vinyl back off.

Approx. 4" tall x 3.5" wide

(Car not included. Just in case it was necessary to say that.) :-)

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