Heartstrings Beaded Lace Wristlets

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Beaded Lace Wristlets in Heartstrings from Heartstrings
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Here are three styles of beaded hand coverings designed for under-the-cuff wear to give the look of layering. Pretty enough to even wear by themselves! All three styles have a special elegance with their contoured beaded edging and bead-embellished lace.

The Hand Warmers are styled to cover the back of the hand. This version features a symmetrically mirrored arrangement of the bead-embellished lace on each Warmer. The shaping is done in pattern to conform to the hand.

The Wrist Warmers feature a slightly frilly look that looks fabulous peaking out from the underneath the cuffs of a blouse or sweater. The beaded pattern leans left on one wrist warmer and right on the other, giving a balanced look to the duo.

The Mitts are similar to the Hand Warmers except made longer to cover more of the hand, and incorporate a wider gusset to span the thumb hole. What a flattering alternative to wearing mittens or gloves!

Beaded Lace Wristlets can be knitted in any fingering weight yarn of your choice and size 8/0 seed beads. Size US 1 / 2.25 mm needles suggested. Written stitch instructions.

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