The Knit Kit The RED Knit Kit

Sorry, this is not currently available.
Previously $21.95 each.

The RED Knit Kit in The Knit Kit from The Knit Kit
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Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for all the items you need for knitting? Then The Knit Kit is your perfect solution!

This red kit has eight essential knitting tools all in one compact device: * double-ended removable crochet hook (especially for sock knitters) * darning needle for finishing work * tape measure * stitch counter * thread cutter * collapsible scissors (TSA compliant) * stitch markers * point protectors

No need to continually buy various accessories when you can have it all in one. Great for traveling by car or plane.

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in November 2010.
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