Mill Hill Mill Hill Beads 8/0 18027 Caspian Blue

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8/0 18027 Caspian Blue in Mill Hill Beads from Mill Hill
Legend: Physical Scale

These glass beads from Mill Hill add another dimension to your knitting and crochet projects. Available in different sizes, finishes (regular, irridized and and colors, you're sure to find just the right bead to add a little something special to your shawl, scarf, hat and home decor item.

Measured at the widest point across the bead, the seed beads are sized: 8/0 (smaller beads) 3.0mm 6/0 (slightly larger beads) 4.0mm Please note the sizing can be counter-intuitive to some; the 8/0 beads are smaller than the 6/0 beads.

The 8/0 packages each contain approx. 6.0 grams of beads, which is approx. 275 beads per package. The 6/0 packages each contain approx. 5.2 grams of beads, which is approx. 100 beads per package.

Some of the beads have special finishes--these are both beautiful and delicate. If used on jewelry or clothing, the manufacturer recommends spraying first with Krylon crystal clear spray. May be affected by detergents, oxidation or strong friction.

We have Beading Crochet hooks available, too, in the Needles/Hooks section under Beading Hooks.

Regular price: $1.65 through $4.00

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in April 2011.
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