M.A. Hadley Pottery Hadley Pottery Loopy Flared Mug

Sorry, this is not currently available.
Previously $29.50 each.

Loopy Flared Mug in Hadley Pottery from M.A. Hadley Pottery
Legend: Physical Scale

Created exclusively for the Loopy Ewe by Mary Hadley Pottery, this flared-top mug shows Loopy and his fashionable socks, along with a heart and wording "The Loopy Ewe."

Ideal for keeping 12 oz. of your favorite beverage warm, or as a desktop accessory for holding your knitting needles/crochet hooks/pens and pencils.

Many of our customers grew up with Mary Hadley Pottery, and we're excited to have these special items showing Loopy to share with you. Hadley Pottery has been producing pottery for nearly 70 years and is hand-crafted in small batches in a wonderful historic building in Louisville, Kentucky. Made from clay native to the midwest, the items are hand painted, glazed and kiln-fired to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, making them highly resistant to chipping and scratching. They are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The mugs must be purchased by themselves (with nothing else in the order) so that we can pack them in special heavyweight boxes and ship them carefully. We can't guarantee no breakage when shipping them internationally, but we can guarantee that we pack them well before turning them over to the hands of the postal employees!

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in October 2010.
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