Soak Wash Travel Kit - Assorted Fragrances

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Travel Kit - Assorted Fragrances in Soak Wash from Soak Wash
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Soak it on the road with our handy mini-soak packs. Stash these single-use samples in your travel bag for vacations, work trips and knitting weekend getaways!

Soak fiber wash is gentle enough to leave in - no rinsing necessary! Biodegradable and phosphate-free, it's gentle on your fibers and hands. You will love the subtle scents and the feel of your handknits when they have been washed in Soak.

Each pack contains 8 mini-Soaks (2 packets of each scent: Lacey, Celebration, Aquae and Scentless) Each packet will do 2 washes, so you will have enough Soak to do 16 washes with this travel pack.

We currently have 9 in stock and available — we first started selling this in November 2012.
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